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  1. How can I revert the theme back to the basic white. I played around with the 3 color scheme options but cant get it back to the white.

  2. Hi Satish – I’m using your v6.2.3 Premium theme (which looks great!) and want to use AdRotate plug-in for ad management in the header and footer areas. No problems with sidebar since I can just drop the widget in. Adrotate provides both a short code and php (e.g., [adrotate group=”1″] and ), but if I paste either of these into the box on Swift Options -> Ad Management -> Ad Code, I get the pasted text displaying rather than the advertisement.
    Can you please help me out? I need to have AdRotate for all the displays since the client can see their statistics from one dashboard.
    Many thanks and I appreciate the help with this great theme!

  3. Dear Satish,

    First of all, thank you for the Swift theme (lite version here). Sometimes I try a theme that looks more flashy or vamped, but I keep re-activating back to Swift, as it’s simply the most versatile theme.

    One quick question, couldn’t find the answer via Google.. In other teams, the tags for posts seem to work just fine. With swift, when I tag a post, zero results are shown when clicking on the tag, even though there are plenty of posts tagged with that label. Help will be so much appreciated

        1. I truly hope you can find a clue, as I seem the only one who ‘suffers’ from this when using Swift. With other themes, the tag function works like a charm..

          Thank you again for your time and effort! ūüôā


      1. I don’t want to rush you.. But…. It would be really cool if you could tell me what I have to change or modify in order to get those tags working.

        Thanks again for your time and of course for creating a theme that meets all my requirements. Fantastic.

  4. Hello Satish, recently i asked you about slider images and now it is solved. Now i would like to make a cut in the text of the first article, where it show all the text. I know that the function is “the_content” what allows to show the whole part, and i can not handle as i want, i would like to know what is the file that contains this function, to make a substr and display a part of the whole article.
    Thanks for your attention

    1. Hi¬° i have solved this trouble using the functions you handle, but now i want to implement a function to turn the page of articles, but i cant find the file what contains the querys that show the information of olders posts. Can you help me please?

      Thank you¬°

  5. Hi Satish,
    Thank you for this wonderful theme. I use the magazine template but there is no thumbnail appeared. Would you like to explain me how to fix the problem?
    Thanks in advance

  6. Satish,

    I have a question about premium theme, what is the difference between the free swift theme and premium , it would be nice if you can mention that in your website.

  7. Thanks Satish for developing such a good theme. I done installation to my site and I am very happy to see new look of my site all bcoz of swift theme dvp by you.

      1. you have to embed into the header file, probably next to logo image. Use images for your menu with a source using home_url() function.

  8. I love my website it does all that i want it to do.
    I seem to have 2 issues one 2 pages with broken links
    and no Meta tags?

    This is according to attracta sEo.

    one broken link is in the swift home page text are ( Meet up with mary) It’s not linked to anything which is how it is suppose to be ..but it apparently has a broken link and goes to errror 404 I can’t find to fix??
    I don’t know why it showing no meta tags or where to go to find them.

    any ideas….love my site!

  9. Hi Satish,
    I just been trying to use the theme, but please tell me why “the page menu” like home, and about, now they disappear from the upper line? How to create this?

      1. Hi Satish, well done the template. I am in trouble right now. The Post on the Homepage, even after reinstalled theme, looks broken. Any Idea?

        Best Regards


  10. Hi, thanks for offering this theme. I like it a lot. I’m trying to run the page with no comments or reference to comments, or even the offer of rss for comments. (I encourage twitter.) Before I ruin the whole thing and have to reinstall, can you offer any instruction. Thanks in advance.

    1. I would like to know this too…. I can see other people have asked the same question with no response. I have a Facebook plug-in on my site for people to leave comments and want to delete all other social media icons and comment boxes as it looks cluttered. thanx!

  11. I need to put some links on my posts that will open an email window for people to send me their resumes.

    How do I do this with Swift?

    I see there is a “link” button for the posts to have links, but am wondering how to do the address for an email?

    Please help.

    Thank you!


      1. remove this code from both the blog loops in swift/loops

        <iframe src="http://www.facebook.com/plugins/like.php?href=<?php echo urlencode(get_permalink($post->ID)); ?>&layout=standard&show-faces=true&width=50&height=25&action=like&colorscheme=light" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" style="border:none; overflow:hidden; width:50px; height:25px;margin:0 0 10px 10px;"></iframe>ÔĽŅ

  12. I just started with this theme, great options available. I wanted to know how to take the time of day stamp off the posts after the date posted.Version 5.5

  13. I think there is an issue with 5.50 with the navigation links. They are not displaying and I do not see any options in the Swift Options to make edits to this. Also noticed it on your demo of 5.50.

    Please address when you get a chance.


  14. I tried to set the background colors but they only go down a portion of the outside page. I need the background color to extend the full page. Also the subscription box is to long. How do i fix these items.

    NOTE. Would have put in support forum, but it is not letting me subscribe to it.

  15. Hi Satish,

    Thanks a ton for this wonderful theme…I had put my feedburner id “TechMamu” but still not showing up in single page and subscribe form..your help would be greatly appreciate.


  16. Hi, my site is using SWIFT v5.5, I have 2 problems:
    1. On a single post page, the sidebars don’t show correctly.
    2. The font size gets retored to 10px if I change anything in swift settings.
    My site is in Chinese, so I need the fonts to be 12px at least.
    Please help me

  17. I just picked this theme from wordpress.  Now I see it under Appearances.  Now what?  Where are instructions.  Do you have to be a programmer to use this?

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  19. Okay, this question is going to show I am really new at this…but, i downloaded SWIFT and now it ways to extract & upload to wp-content/themes.¬† What or where is this???¬† Sorry to ask such a beginner question but I really wanted to try this theme out!¬† :¬† )¬† Thanks!

  20. I set up the 125×125 ads up correctly but they do not appear. Is there an enable button that needs to be checked? If so I don’t have one.
    Pasted the url in and destination and then drug over the SW 125 widget in the Wide sb left. only thing that show up is the header.

  21. Posts on main page not showing correctly when using Slider.

    When I have Slider ON and set to 3 posts, all posts show in Slider area (not just 3) and nothing below.

        1. I have the same problem (with a few others) and did download the latest (5.67) and installed it, but 5.28 is still showing in the options menus. Have you put 5.67 up in the WordPress Themes gallery so we can install from there or automatically from within our Dashboard? (I’ve found that to be a less-glitchy option). I’m also finding that whatever I set for my featured category with the sliders is ignored and it defaults to my 70(!) most recent and won’t show any other posts. So I’ve turned off the sliders–which is sad, b/c it looks great, but the page is unbalanced if it’s just the slider and no posts appear below. Also having trouble with featured image thumbnails. My previous theme had a “use as featured” option when uploading pics which automatically inserted the thumbnail ONLY for home page/featured image purposes. I’ve gone back in and added thumbnails AND regular pics to Popular Posts, and added the same as a “featured” image in the Custom Field option below my post on the New Post page, but thumbnails aren’t showing up on home page/popular widget (for “Swifty” and “Coraline”). Any ideas?
          This isn’t to be whiney–you’ve done an amazing job and I LOVE your support pages–they’re so clear and helpful. These are just things I couldn’t find addressed in the user guide. But, really, a wonderful job!

          1. Latest version is not yet setup on the wordpress theme gallery
            Check this page
            Check this thread for the slider problem

            For the thumbnail problem, make sure your permissions are correct
            If you are using cpanel based hosting, check out your error log. You will find lot of answers there.

  22. Hi,
    Is there a bit of additional code I might add to the code you’ve already¬†provided in the User Guide (for wrapping the content around the adsense ad that falls just beneath the post title) so that the content isn’t right up against the ad.¬† I think the post/content would look a bit better with just a little space between it and the ad…both on the side and bottom of the ad.¬† I tried a couple of suggestions I read online, but they didn’t work.¬†

    1. Actually, after looking again, it looks fine along the bottom of the ad…it’s really just the side that’s a bit tight against the content of the post.

  23. Hi! I tried installing Swift on my blog but it kept resetting every now and then and my customizations being lost. Is this some form of bug? It’s a bit annoying because you have to do things all over again from the start.

      1. No, I haven’t touched the import/export feature. I just installed Swift for the first time and tried¬†customizing it through through the options panel. After having done with it, everything resets when I save the changes or reload my browser. Everything went back to zero and all my work with the theme gone.
        I tired changing the uploads folder permission to 777 but to no avail.

  24. Am having problem with adsense not showing up on the sidebar. Each time I add the code through widget, it will not appear on the homepage but other widgets like tags, recent posts etc appear normally.
    Am using SWIFT 5.28 Theme and I know that it has to do with the theme am using.
    What should I do because I love the theme?

        1. The widget disappear completely.
          Adsense does not appear after pasting the code and previewing it on the site

  25. wow
    big thank you ! I really needed this… I really didn’t know what to do with the social media thing – lol
    and I read somewhere that you wanted to put like color scheme, like one push color palettes to change the theme- I am really looking forward to this…
    I am not a color dummy – but I find it impossible to make it look decent and change the colors one by one
    thank you for the good work

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