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WordPress has been a major part of our lives for the last 6 years and we loved every bit of it. We are proud to say that we know WordPress inside out and can say with 100% confidence that we can give you the best possible solution for any problem related to WordPress. Here is the list of WordPress services we offer. Your job not listed below? Not to worry. We can work on anything and everything related to WordPress. Just drop us an email with the WordPress service you want.

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WordPress consultation and training

Have a WordPress question or a problem? Our WordPress experts are available at your service. We offer 1-on-1 WordPress training via web. We will help you figure out the best solution to your problems. Do you have a plugin or business idea that you are not sure about? We will be part of your brainstorming sessions and help you make educated decisions so that you can scale your business easily.

WordPress installation, setup and maintenance

Not everyone is technical enough setup and maintain a site or do they have time. That’s the problem this service aims to solve, we will install WordPress, Install, configure and customize plugins and theme of your choice and do the periodic maintenance if you choose.

WordPress Plugin installation, support and development

There are many good free plugins that lack proper support or have too many options to configure if you need help with such plugins this service is for you.

WordPress Theme installation, support, customization and development

Did you find a theme that perfectly suits your needs except for few minor issues, or are your must-have plugin not playing well with the theme? Do not worry, we are here to help you.

WordPress 911, for urgent and critical issues

You are editing some theme files for some plugin to work properly, or you are updating your plugins and WordPress and suddenly

  • Your site goes down or
  • Your home page is blank or
  • There is an error message displayed on your site.

Did this ever happen to you? Do you panic in such cases? Does this thought scare you?

Do not worry, you have us now. Drop us a quick mail and you have your site back in no time.

PSD/WireFrame to WordPress service

Got a design or wireframe that you want to be converted into WordPress theme, hire us. We will give you cross-browser compatible, clean, lean and search engine optimized code.

WordPress upgradation service

If you need help upgrading WordPress, Plugins and themes our experts are here at your service.

WordPress migration service

If you want to move your site to a different hosting provider, our experts will do it for you with absolutely no downtime.

Changing site name

If you want to change your WordPress site name/domain, we will do it for you without loss in search engine traffic.

WordPress, Plugin and Theme bug fixes

If there any plugin conflicts, or if you found a bug in WordPress and cannot wait until the next version of WP is released, let our experts help you.

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