Lazy Loading of images with under 1KB overhead.

V2.14 of PageSpeed brings you lazy loading of images to make your website appear faster. This premium only feature can be enabled from the options page. What it does Shows only the images in view port to start with. As the user scrolls and stops, displays images in the view port. Want some images excluded

Background images & Featured image on posts

Background Images Last week we released a new version of PageSpeed with the option to add background images for the body, header, and footer. You can select all the possible attributes for the background image like Background repeat Background size Background attachment Background position you might need an option to have a separate background image

Prebuilt Sites & Layouts are available in v2 of PageSpeed

Finally, the most requested feature is here. The prebuilt layouts and sites. Here are short guides to use them Using the prebuilt layouts Importing The Demo Sites We are just starting with one layout called “The Leaf”. This layout scores 99/100 on Google PageSpeed insights for both mobile and desktops. It will work well for

Using Auto Ads for AMP with Easy AdSense Ads & Scripts Manager

v0.52 of Easy AdSense Ads & Scripts Manager plugin bring support for Auto Amp Ads. Using this is pretty straightforward. Enable AMP support from the plugin settings page. Goto customizer -> Easy AdSense Ads -> Header and Footer Scripts. You will now see an option to insert header and footer scripts on AMP pages. If you