Ideal media settings and useful plugins for SWIFT theme

The following screenshot shows the ideal media setting for SWIFT theme. When you use these settings, three thumbnail’s, two medium sized images, and one large images fits in a row.

Ideal media settings for SWIFT
Ideal media settings for SWIFT
Result of having ideal media settings
Result of having the above media settings

Some must have plugins to make the best use of SWIFT

1. YARPP ( Yet Another Related Posts Plugin)

When you install this plugin, related posts are displayed at the end of the post, as shown in the screenshot below.

YARPP integration into SWIFT wordpress 3.0 theme
YARPP integration into SWIFT wordpress 3.0 theme

Here are the ideal settings for YARPP

In display options for your website

  • Uncheck automatically display related posts?
  • Add <h3>Related posts:</h3><ol> and <ol> in Before / after related entries
  • Add <li> and </li> in Before / after each related entry:
YARPP settings for SWIFT wordpress 3.0 theme
YARPP settings for SWIFT wordpress 3.0 theme

2. All in One SEO pack

This plugin is a must have for better search rankings.

3. WP Page navi plugin

SWIFT already included this plugin by default, so don’t install this plugin

4. WordPress Super Cache

This is a must have plugin for any WordPress blog, Install it without asking any questions. Make sure it’s configured correctly
SWIFT has some very useful options to customize the look of your site without having to touch any code, lets explore them now.

5 Replies to “Ideal media settings and useful plugins for SWIFT theme”

  1. After I had very high CPU usage problems repeatedly (using another theme with, I’ve NOW learned, very heavy resource load on the server and one of the reasons I am here now) one of the solutions recommended by HostGator Linux admin was to get rid of the plugin All In One SEO Pack, and substitute Greg’s High Performance SEO plugin. They state that All In One is notorious at HostGator for causing heavy CPU usage. I read up on both and suggest everyone do the same and make your own decision. Greg’s seemed like a no-brainer to me after my research.

    Particularly for a theme where we are trying to optimize speed, we want to be as light as possible on the host server too; it does no good to be fast and repeatedly shut down by the host for being a resource hog.

    I learned that my Automatic WP Backup plugin was also a monster resource eating culprit – consuming occasionally over 45% of all the shared server CPU resources when it ran. Shutting that one off caused immediate relief.

    Good luck to all and thanks for the great theme,

  2. Im using swift basic with seo by yoast (seo plugin). Is this theme totally support this plugin and is it need to change this code (in heared.php) or existing is just ok ?

  3. Hi..will W3 total cache works fine with swift..

    is it also necessary to have a cache plugin if I am using a VPS

  4. Hello Satish,

    what for a great theme. Ask my self why I did not find it earlier. Now I have to re-wright all my webs 🙁 and :). I started with the one stated above but I’m stucked on the slider as well on the Yarp.
    Somehow I can not get the slider working. It does displays my post but not any pics.
    Also the YARP tells me to move the file is that correct? Please help.

    “Please move the YARPP template files into your theme to complete installation. Simply move the sample template files (currently in wp-content/plugins/yet-another-related-posts-plugin/yarpp-templates/) to the /home/annett/public_html/ directory.

    Thanks for your awsome theme!


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