version 5.01 is out with some bug fixes.

The following bugs are fixed in v5.01

  • Blank screen after posting a comment. { Found  by Alexander Gieg }
  • Footer scripts bug.
  • Custom color of block quote.
  • Page menu sub-pages showing underneath the categories navigation menu.
Navigation bar bug
Navigation bar bug which is fixed in v5.01

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If you have any suggestions for new features or want to request a new feature feel free to post them here.

27 Replies to “version 5.01 is out with some bug fixes.”

  1. Jesus. You need to only show your latest version on your homepage and archive the rest. I see v5.0, v5.0.1, v4.0, v4.0.1, v4.1.3… and on your homepage? It’s a mess. I accidentally downloaded/installed and configured v5.0 before I realized there was already an update to v5.0.1. Seriously.

    1. From now theme will be available for download on only one page.
      Configuration made from the options page wont be lost when you upgrade frm 5.0 to 5.1.
      You shouldn’t be worried unless you modifications to the template files.

  2. I am using SWIFT 5.13

    For some reason I am still not showing the thumbs on the home page. I verified that swift_default.jpg is in the upload directory. I have removed the custom field and updated the post to have it refreshed and still not showing up. What am I missing?

  3. Hi
    I am trying out a Swift theme. Is there a way for me to install the new 5.1 version without having to lose all the customizing I did setting up my blog in the previous version? (i.e. “up-grade” rather than do a new install)
    Also: I do not know how to change file permissions to the numbers listed in instructions. I am on a Mac and file permissions are simply listed as read/write, read only, etc under my name as admin, group and other. The customizing I have done thus far is working – so maybe my permissions are okay?

  4. My friend use ur this theme 5.0, but he found problem with dropdown menu where the Category dropdown menu is over size when he put on the narrow right sidebar. Now he put the Category dropdown on the wide sidebar.
    Check it on

  5. How about fixing the problem when you disable the images on the control panel, the images still shows on your homepage? Have you fixed this problem?

  6. I try to use your theme, thanks before.
    But, I have some problems.
    1. For Homepage and archive, how to make the blog title to be H1 and the post titles are H2?
    2. For single page, the html structure are like this:
    H2 = Blog title
    H2 = description
    H1 = post title
    Would you like to fix it the structure like bellow:
    H1 = Post title
    H2 = maybe some keyword with suitable font size
    H3 = maybe some sub heading
    I need your help, thanks

  7. Help please.   I have a few issues I could really use guidance on:
    1- how can I change the font size, font type, and font color of the “titles” on posts and pages.   They are way too big.
    2- why are “captions” not showing when I upload a photo and include the caption?
    3- how can I get the proper widgets for the “translator”, our facebook page that shows the fans, and twitter?
    thanks in advance for anyone who can help.

    1. I figured out the widgets for translator, facebook and twitter to show in the right sidebar.  The captions are working now- might have been me that was doing something wrong before.   BUT- still could use some advice on why the font size and type cannot be changed in the Post titles.

  8. Hi Satish bro, Daniele and others are getting the error as above because default.jpg image is there in image directory so rename the default.jpg to swift_default.jpg as the code is trying to copy swift_default.jpg which is not present in images folder of swift themes.

  9. Problem… when i active the theme
    Warning: copy(/swift_default.jpg) [function.copy]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in …/wp-content/themes/swift-v5.01/admin/admin-core.php on line 71

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