A major update of SWIFT to solve problems with thumbnail and file permissions

If you check the support forum and the comments on this blog, One question that’s asked again and again, One thing that most of the Swiftler’s have trouble with is thumbnails, which in turn is due to file permissions.

version5.1.0 solves the above problem by moving the cache folder and the custom-style.css to uploads/swift_custom folder with appropriate permissions. From now there are no post installation steps, just upload the theme activate.

Other new additions and changes to SWIFT are

  • Added an option to add your own search code in the navigation menu.
  • Reduced the font size of blockquote and post title.

According to reviewer at theme directory on WordPress, themes are not allowed to modify core tables. They don’t have any proper reason for such a restriction, I can’t understand why a theme shouldn’t alter wp tables when a plugin can do so. They wont accept SWIFT until I remove those two features,I’m forced to remove them :(.

I integrated My Page Order and My Category Order into the theme. If any of the two plugins are installed pages /categories in navigation menu will be ordered accordingly.

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69 Replies to “A major update of SWIFT to solve problems with thumbnail and file permissions”

  1. Is there any way to have the four small thumbnails under the main header to be centered? Whenever I upload a jpeg for a thumbnail, they are all off to the right. Any help would be appreciated.


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  3. Hey Guys,

    I’m having a complete other problem. When I look at my website from my home PC or iPad, it shows me the most recent posts from the homepage.

    But when I use other people their computers, Swift shows very old blogposts. (Samsung Galaxy is the newest, while I already published a whole lot more new posts)

    When people click the archive, they do see the newer posts…

    Can anyone help me out?

    Thanks in advance.

    Ow, the website is: http://www.gebrokenpennen.nl

    The Swift theme is awesome, but this is becoming quiet a problem for me since I’m recieving more and more visitors on my website (7000 a month)

  4. hello. I have problems with the thumbnails, it do not work.. what can id o? i see the “image” custom fiedl, i changed the permissions of cache etc…
    thanks a lot

  5. I just installed Swift on my new blog. Actually it’s an amazing theme, besides the thumbnail problem. Does the beta version fix the homepage thumbnail too?

  6. Helow satish,
    Great and nice themes, but i had a problem using your themes the swift Popular Post the title was double instead of once and the thumbnails not appearing..how to fix this bug..help….thank you

  7. I’ve found some errors and warnings when validating a blog. While it still doesn’t validade due to some bad-behaved plugins, I made a small list of things that if changed in Swift will cause its output to validate (provided the user isn’t running one of said plugins, of course):

    a) At /footer.php , there are two sets of this:

    <!–End of main-container started in header.php–>

    What causes one extra </div> to be present in the page. Removing the second set worked.

    b) At /searchform-nav.php , a form cannot be included in a span:

    <span class=”nav-search”>
    <form …..>

    Changing it to a div solves this:

    <div class=”nav-search”>
    <form …..>

    c) At /admin/admin-header.php , the line

    <a href=”http://swiftthemes.com” target=”_blank”><img src=”<?php bloginfo(‘template_url’)?>/admin/images/swift-logo.png” /></a>

    Should be written thus:

    <a href=”http://swiftthemes.com” rel=”external”><img src=”<?php bloginfo(‘template_url’)?>/admin/images/swift-logo.png” alt=”” /></a>

    Well, not that target=”_blank” doesn’t work in XHTML Transitional, but rel=”external” is sooo much more configurable. 🙂

    d) At /includes/featured-slider.php , the line:

    <img src=”<?php echo U_URL.’/swift_custom’;?>/timthumb.php?src=<?php echo thumb(get_the_ID(),get_the_
    content());?>&h=130&w=250&zc=1″  class=”slide-thumbnail”>

    Should be written thus:

    <img src=”<?php echo U_URL.’/swift_custom’;?>/timthumb.php?src=<?php echo thumb(get_the_ID(),get_the_
    content());?>&amp;h=130&amp;w=250&amp;zc=1″ alt=”” class=”slide-thumbnail” />

    e) At /includes/related-posts-n-author-info.php , the line:

    <a href=”http://twitter.com/home/?status=<?php the_title(); ?> : <?php echo get_tiny_url(get_permalink($post->ID)); ?>” title=”Tweet this!”><img src=”<?php bloginfo(‘template_url’)?>/images/icons/twitter.png”alt=”Tweet this!” /></a>

    Needs a space between ‘.png”‘ and ‘alt=”‘:

    <a href=”http://twitter.com/home/?status=<?php the_title(); ?> : <?php echo get_tiny_url(get_permalink($post->ID)); ?>” title=”Tweet this!”><img src=”<?php bloginfo(‘template_url’)?>/images/icons/twitter.png” alt=”Tweet this!” /></a>

    f) At /layouts/blog-loop.php , the line:

    <a href=”<?php the_permalink() ?>” rel=”bookmark”><img src=”<?php echo U_URL.’/swift_custom’;?>/timthumb.php?src=<?php echo thumb(get_the_ID(),get_the_content());?>&h=90&w=176&zc=1″  class=”mag-thumb”></a>

    Should be written thus:

    <a href=”<?php the_permalink() ?>” rel=”bookmark”><img src=”<?php echo U_URL.’/swift_custom’;?>/timthumb.php?src=<?php echo thumb(get_the_ID(),get_the_content());?>&amp;h=90&amp;w=176&amp;zc=1″ alt=”” class=”mag-thumb” /></a>

    g) At /layouts/mag-loop.php , the line:

    <img src=”<?php echo U_URL.’/swift_custom’;?>/timthumb.php?src=<?php echo thumb(get_the_ID(),get_the_content());?>&h=90&w=176&zc=1″  class=”mag-thumb”>

    Should be written thus:

    <img src=”<?php echo U_URL.’/swift_custom’;?>/timthumb.php?src=<?php echo thumb(get_the_ID(),get_the_content());?>&amp;h=90&amp;w=176&amp;zc=1″ alt=”” class=”mag-thumb” />

    h) At /widgets/widgets.php , the line:

    <img src=”http://feeds.feedburner.com/~fc/<?php echo $feedId ?>?bg=<?php echo get_option(‘swift_chicklet_bg’);?>&fg=<?php echo get_option(‘swift_chicklet’);?>&anim=0″ class=”alignright” style=”margin:.3em 0 .2em 0″/></a>

    Should be written thus:

    <img src=”http://feeds.feedburner.com/~fc/<?php echo $feedId ?>?bg=<?php echo get_option(‘swift_chicklet_bg’);?>&amp;fg=<?php echo get_option(‘swift_chicklet’);?>&amp;anim=0″ class=”alignright” style=”margin:.3em 0 .2em 0″ alt=”Feedburner counter” /></a>

    i) At /widgets/widget-functions.php , the line:

    <a href=”<?php echo get_option(‘swift_banner2destination’);?>” ><img src=”<?php echo get_option(‘swift_banner2image’); ?>” class=”banner125″/></a>

    Should have a space between ‘”banner124″‘ and ‘/>’:

    <a href=”<?php echo get_option(‘swift_banner2destination’);?>” ><img src=”<?php echo get_option(‘swift_banner2image’); ?>” class=”banner125″ /></a>

    I hope this helps!

    1. Seriously, how do you get so deep in to the code?
      “a” was taken care long back, I corrected the rest of the things.
      “C” I dont really care about the back end, but now that you have mentioned I corrected that to.

      Thanks for the help 🙂

      1. You’re welcome. 🙂
        But that’s not getting deep into the code. In fact I know almost nothing of PHP. What I do know how to use somewhat is the Unix shell. It makes finding things like this quite easy. It’s just a matter of validating the site on validator.w3.org, seeing what it complains about, typing this:
        $ grep -R –include=\*.php “what-the-validator-complained-about” ./wp-content/themes/swift-v5.15 >> ~/results.txt
        And then doing some copying and pasting.
        Besides, I also have a somewhat compulsive-obsessive side. 😉

  8. A small problem I noticed: I’ve tried adding a header line using the General Options -> General -> Header Scripts field, but it didn’t work, its contents wasn’t being pasted into generated pages. I worked around this by installing the General Headers & Footers plugin and using it instead, but I’d pretty much prefer using Swift’s own feature instead. 🙂

  9. Dear Satish,
    I just upgraded my old version of Swift to the new version of swift 5.1.3
    And still everything goes blank.
    And i cant get the old version 4.2.1 back.
    So now i cant use swift as a theme anymore.
    I have also tried to install it as a second theme.
    Could you please help me get an older version of Swift our help me so i can use the new version of Swift?

          1. Thnx a bunch,
            This was it.
            I reckon it has something to do with the My Page Order Plugin.
            So other people who have the same problem know now what to do.

  10. I have have a cache folder or custom-style.css in my uploads/swift_custom folder. The custom-style.css file is found under “includes”, but can’t find the cache folder at all. I’m using the newest release (5.1.3?).

  11. I was getting a blank page in Firefox, it would show the page, then white out.
    Fixed by disabeling the featured post slider, no  problems in Chrome,
    A lot of users couldn’t access my page, but I would like to fix it again.
    I tried to go back to old theme, but that didn’t work either!
    Can you look at it some time on http://green.cx?
    It works right now because I disabled the featured post slider….

    1. Even i noticed that on your blog before, Forgot to inform you.
      There was a redirection script on your blog, some malicious plugin might have added that or you should have added that to any of your post unknowingly.

  12. Dear Satish,
    Thanks for your great theme.
    Ik tried to upgrade the theme to 5.1.2 and everything goes blank.
    My whole website including my backend is white.
    Do you have any idea how to solve this?

      1. I have uploaded the files to my server under another name.
        I had version 4 and version 5.2.1 as two different files on my server.
        WP also identified both of them to be separate themes.
        If i watched the preview everything is also blank.
        After my knowledge i have installed it correctly, i installed just like i would another theme.
        I really want to upgrade, i hope it solves my permissions problems, so please help me with this.

  13. After installing the latest version my thumpnails are no longer showing. V5.0 shows my thumpnails but this new version completly screws it up…How do I fix this?

      1. I’ve noticed that pressing Ctrl-F5 (forced reload) on a page where thumbnails are missing causes them to appear. Well, at least on the hosting provider I use, which employs a lot of behind-the-scenes caching. I dunno whether this also works elsewhere.

      2. I did that and still nothing, it’s not showing any thumbnails…the other versions show my thumbnails except versions 5.01 and 5.02…Something is really wrong in this new versions…what can it be?

          1. Swift 5.01 has duplicate copies, one in /includes/timthump.php and another in uploads/swift_custom/timthumb.php
            I deleted the copy in includes/timthumb.php and left the one in the uploads folder and it still didn’t change anything

              1. This is what I am seeing after transfering the timthumb.php from the swift folder to the uploads folder
                Warning: fopen(/home/celenco/public_html/headphonescity.com/wp-content/themes/swift-v5.1.2/includes/timthumb.php) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/celenco/public_html/headphonescity.com/wp-content/themes/swift-v5.1.2/admin/admin-core.php on line 84

                Warning: filesize() [function.filesize]: stat failed for /home/celenco/public_html/headphonescity.com/wp-content/themes/swift-v5.1.2/includes/timthumb.php in/home/celenco/public_html/headphonescity.com/wp-content/themes/swift-v5.1.2/admin/admin-core.php on line 85

                Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/celenco/public_html/headphonescity.com/wp-content/themes/swift-v5.1.2/admin/admin-core.php on line 85

                1. Got it fixed, had to call my hosting company and they had to run a script which fixed all the permissions in the site, the problem is, because it was a script, I still don’t know what folder held it from showing

                    1. The permission of some files were not right. They had to change some of the folder’s permissions and some of the files too…Then I had go back and individually delete the old custom fields of each of my articles, thereby forcing swift to find the create a new path to the thumbnails. The path of the old swift theme is different from this one. So 5.1.2 cannot find the location and deactivating and reactivating could not force it to. I had to manually do it. Hope that helps.

  14. A request: I’d like to have options under “Home Page & Archive’s” to enable/disable showing recent posts, similar and in addition to the featured posts ones (let’s say, “ENABLE recent posts on homepage”, “Number of Recent posts”), so that the Swift theme could be fine tuned for a more typical time-oriented blog as much as it is for popularity-oriented ones.
    By the way: in 5.0 the home page showed recent posts on the home page, while on 5.1.2 it doesn’t. Well, actually I’m not sure it did, but I have a new blog with no comments, meaning everything has popularity zero, and posts showed in there, as if they were popular. Was showing recent/popularity-0 posts on the home page a bug of 5.0, or is it not showing them a bug on 5.1.2?
    In any case, the above suggested options would make that blog’s home page way more populated with content (and predictably so), as right now it’s only showing the slider. 🙂

    1. Ah, by the way: I noticed you changed the description for the 3rd font setting, saying it controls the footer font size. But the bold name above it still says “Select a Sidebar Font Size”. Please rename it to “Select a Footer Font Size” and it’ll be complete!

    2. SWIFT shows recent posts on archives and home page. It’s not based on popularity.

      Posts shown in slider are skipped from the main loop to avoid duplicate content.
      This wasn’t implemented in versions before 5.1.0
      If you don’t have enough content, disable slider until you have enough content.

      1. I did just that, and now I noticed another strange behavior: with the slider disabled the recent posts appear, but there’s a big white empty column to their right, between them and the actual sidebar. There’s only one category in that blog, and I’ve enabled excerpts for both the home and category pages, meaning both should look the same, so it’s easy to see the differences: http://sergei.nfshost.com vs. http://sergei.nfshost.com/category/geral .

  15. 2 questions- how do I get the footer to span 1 row across the bottom and not in 4 separate footer chunks?   
    And- how do I get the new option mentioned for changing font size in post titles?

      1. That fixes the activation error, but I still can get the thumbnails to appear on the home page, I have been into the posts and deleted the custom filed but it still won’t deplay the TN.

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