Upcoming features in SWIFT, need your feedback.

Thank you all for your support.
Thank you all for your support.

First, I would like to thank you all for using SWIFT on your blogs and making it a success. I would like to have your feedback before I start working on the next version of SWIFT. Here are the features that I’m planning to add in the next version of SWIFT, please suggest

  • The features to be included.
  • Features to be removed.
  • Report bugs.
  • Suggestions.

Here are the upcoming features. (Some of them are listed in the launch page)

  1. Better featured post section with slider.
  2. Integration with pagenavigation and related posts plugin.
  3. Adding some images using CSS sprites.
  4. Drop down navigation.
  5. Better typography.
  6. All the HTML elements will be styled explicitly.
  7. Option to specify the image for the post explicitly.

Features to be removed

  • About section will be removed in the next version as the same can be achieved with the help of widgets.

28 Replies to “Upcoming features in SWIFT, need your feedback.”

  1. The only suggestions I have:

    -Make the featured posts slider stop sliding when you move your mouse over it, or at least make it switch posts a little slower – this will let the reader read the excerpt and decide whether they want to read the whole post or not.
    -Organize the HTML and CSS coding. You already did a much better job than most people would do, but if you could divide up the coding into more sections and make it a tiny bit clearer that would be awesome.

    Lastly: For some reason, there is no “reply” button in the comments section on my blog. (It uses the swift theme.) Why is this?

    1. I’m not a java script expert 🙁 , I used a ready made script for the slider. I can’t do much about it at the moment.
      I’m learning javascript so, you can expect a better slider very soon.
      While writing the code I was hanging between “redable code versus the size of css file”. That resulted in little messed up code.
      I will try to organize it in a simpler way, or provide the highly commented file for those who want to tweak.
      For the reply button to appear

      Got to settings->discussion and enable threaded comments.

      1. The main thing that I’d like to see in organization of the CSS code is the post section. If you could divide it into sections of “Single Post,” “Front Page Post,” “Page,” and such, that’d be all I needed. Thanks again!

  2. thanks for your support
    now i can remove “tags”
    but i still don’t know how to add someting else
    ex: rss feed other blog or other widget or something else

    another question from me
    why sometime my blog appear pop-up
    is that from theme or not

  3. Geee, in that case I need to get back to a lot of posts then and put excerpts ’cause I’m not sure what post may come up under the popular category and I have a lot of posts with pictures on top (I’m sure a lot of bloggers has too).

    It’s okay though, I hate extraneous and non-essential code myself.


  4. Well, isn’t there a way to block images from showing?

    Since being in the popular posts is automatic, if we manually add excerpts, this means we have to go back and put some excerpts whenever a post joins the category.

    OR we can put excerpts to every post…

    So, just asking if some script can be included where we have a choice not to show images.


    1. This rarely happens and only in cases where you start your post with image.
      In such cases add the excerpts. Adding excerpts is a good practice, rather than letting wordpress decide.
      Wordpress isn’t smarter than you 🙂

  5. Hi!

    Nice to know there’ll be an update of Swift soon. 😀

    In the popular post middle bar, images occupies the entire space alloted for the featured posts. If it’s a large image, only a part of it shows.

    Okay, I may not be making any sense here but if you visit http://www.treasurenature.com, you can see what I mean in the 3rd post featured under popular posts.

    Is it possible to have a feature/function where images aren’t shown in this particular area or automatically resized as thumbnails?


    1. It’s not problem with the theme dude.
      Some how wordpress thought that image is the excerpt of that post. This rarely happens.

      Adding excerpt manullay to that particular post should solve the problem.

      -Satish Gandham

      1. Background image for the area that is now gray.

        I would also very much like to be able to have my newest blogpost at the top of the page, without marking it as featured. Maybe let us turn off the featured thing all together?

        Also: Please add some air between the li-elements. The list items are very hard to read now that the text is so squished together.

  6. One bug- Whenever I select a css style from dropdown list say, flickr style, and update it.. it runs ok.. But if I edit some other option and den update it, the flickr style reverts back to default css. So each time, i need to make sure I select flickr style also..

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