Preview of SWIFT v3.0.0, need your feedback.

Awesome content slider in SWIFT wordpress theme
Awesome content slider in SWIFT wordpress theme

I’m currently working on SWIFT v3.0.0, you can check it in action at GeniusHackers.Com. I would like to have your valuable suggestions and feedback to make it the best. Let us together make premium quality themes available for free.

Whats new in version 3.0.0

    Light weight tabbed interface
    Light weight tabbed interface
  1. Cleaner code, customization will be more easy now.
  2. Featured post slide show.
  3. Tabed interface.
  4. Better comment styling to match the overall look of the theme (Check the screenshot below)
  5. Sexybook marks and related posts are most common plugins on wordpress powered blogs,Β  so I styled them to match SWIFT. Just install them and you have the fancy styling ready. (Check screenshot below)
  6. Swift v.2.1.4 has post content width of 620 pixels, It’s too wide to for easy reading, so reduced it to 580 pixels in v.3.0.0. This also gives more room for sidebar.
  7. Switches to minimal mode with a single click.
  8. Option to add adsense ad at the end of post.
  9. Widgetised banner ads, now you can choose where you want your banners to appear.
  10. Option to choose font and other font properties. (3 built in configurations)
  11. IntegratedΒ  page navigation.

    Page navigation integration in SWIFT.
    Page navigation integration in SWIFT.
Clean and fancy comment styling to match the overall scheme.
Clean and fancy comment styling to match the overall scheme.
Clean styling of Sexy Bookmarks and YARPP plugins
Clean styling of Sexy Bookmarks and YARPP plugins
One of the several BUG fixes in SWIFT
One of the several BUG fixes in SWIFT

Features still under consideration..

  • There is a handy post thumbnail plugin,Β  I’m trying to integrate it in SWIFT. Not sure if I can make it.

WordPress post thumbnail plugin

  • May add tool tips feature.

    Tool Tips
    Tool Tips

Note: GH is not using the default colour scheme.

35 Replies to “Preview of SWIFT v3.0.0, need your feedback.”

  1. Having trouble readjusting Web site title. “The Politics of the Workplace” looks squeezed together. Anyway to spread it out evenly.
    Also, I can’t add channel pages to the homepage so now it reads, “No Categories.”
    Also, second article on the home page, shows incorrect image and teaser. What to do?
    Pls help.

  2. I enabled “Popular post” and checked to “Display excerpts on homepage” in Swift Options but no post is showed in Popular post.

    How can I fix that?

    1. There should be any problem. Please check again.

      Try this if you really have a problem
      Find this line in swift/index.php
      include(TEMPLATEPATH . ‘includes/popular.php’ );
      and change it to
      include(‘includes/popular.php’ );

      1. I’ve seen most [if not all] of your sites [owned or related to you]! IIT brain indeed! πŸ™‚

        Had noticed some spelling errors here and there [including in the customize option in the theme]. Forgot to note them. May tell you later.

        1. Thanks for checking my blogs and for offering help with my spellings πŸ™‚ .
          My spellings are vary bad πŸ˜›
          If it wasnt for the red line in firefox / msword there would have been lot more mistakes πŸ˜›

          1. LOL Satish, there are many grammatical errors in this reply you wrote! But it’s all right. You are a genius hacker just the same.

            Check out ‘after the deadline.’ You may find it more useful. Have heard lots about it. And recently bought it and integrated it in the editor impressed by the unparalleled spell checking capabilities.


              1. I had noticed the the error(s); there are two mistakes actually. But I did not write about them [nitpicking attitude is not a good thing you know].

                1. vary is very
                2. wasnt is wasn’t

  3. Another suggestion [you may have noted it already though]. I saw on that when showing the number of posts in archives are enabled, the numbers go to the bottom of the month [I guess that may be true for categories as well].

    In other words, it is

    November 2009

    It should be in the same line like November 2009 (2)

    1. @vikasg

      I thought I fixed that, I’m not sure in which version this crept in.
      Without you i wouldnt have noticed that, thanks for pointing out.
      Fixed that now.

      Thank you for all your suggestions, they are making SWIFT better and better πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks. Also, show subcategories as drop down when touched in the navigation below header logo in future versions.

        And the header title be slightly bold [and not italics] by default. It will be helpful for those who do not want to put a logo image.

        Please write the name while replying. Here it is easy to understand because it is nested reply but I usually follow comments in the mail box and it helps if it is addressed to you. A small thing that skips our attention!

        Thanks again. πŸ™‚

  4. So, This is said to be the golden shot but The swift version 3.0.0 is a complete one meeting all the major & minor requirement a theme must meet.

    More improvements,,, I don’t think so.

    Great Job.

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