SWIFT v5.68 | Final version supporting timthumb image resizing script.

First , thank you all for the overwhelming response to my mail here. I couldn’t ask for more. I know there are many people who likeĀ  SWIFT, but I never knew that you would endorse it to this extent. SWIFT beats all the other themes hands down.
You make the every second I spend on the development of SWIFT worth. Love you guys.

-Satish Gandham

As announced in my earlier post, I have to remove timthumb image resizing script from SWIFT theme to keep it up to the standards of WordPress.Org (Which change very often, and don’t seem to care about the users)

This will be the last version of the SWIFT supporting timthumb image resize script (There will be bug fixes for people who can not move to post thumbnails feature). I fixed the custom colors bug in this version and some other small bugs which you might have not noticed.

If you want to use the versions released after this, than you will have to goto each and every post and set the post thumbnail manually. Though moving to post thumbnails functionality of WordPress requires you to do lot of work, it has some advantages over timthumb.

  • It uses less server resources. (You shouldn’t be concerned about this if you are using caching plugin)
  • It will come in handy if you want to move to other themes.
  • I’m sure that the situation will improve from what it now in future.

Cons of moving to post thumbnail functionality

  • You will have to import thumbnails from custom fields manually, Can be a lot of work if you are having lot of posts.
  • No zoom and crop, (can be addressed with CSS)
  • The lack of a dynamic resize function in WordPress forces theme developers to register lots of image sizes for their themes to use. One of the problems with this approach is that the server becomes full of image files that will be never used.Another problem is that when someone changes their theme the image sizes simply doesn’t match, forcing people to use a plugin to regenerate all image files, and once again lots of those files will never be used.

One of the reviewer of the theme review team, Chipp Bennet, has a good solution to the last problem. He suggests that you upgrade your hosting.

I don’t see generation of all defined thumbnail sizes to be a significant problem. If that causes storage-quota issues, you probably need a better host – and if it causes storage-quota issues, I can almost guarantee that TimThumb? is going to cause server-load-quota issues on the same host.

-Chipp Bennet

You can find the complete discussion here

4 Replies to “SWIFT v5.68 | Final version supporting timthumb image resizing script.”

  1. In file footer.php new code to add the url at the bottom of the site adds “/ url /” resulting in the wrong link.
    <a href="

    To correct it, get ‘url ‘ leaving:
    <a href="

    I hope you understand;)

  2. Satish Thank you for all your hard work and congratulations for the excellent theme.

    Regarding the imposition of WordPress.org: I think with time it will be an advantage for users of the Swift, so that future updates of the theme will be easier for users.

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