Reviews and testimonials invited for SWIFT, yet another chance to get a pr6 backlink.

Hello Swiftler’s,
I’m going to revamp the home page of SwiftThemes.Com. The main aim of the new design will be to give a quick overview of what SWIFT is and why it ROCKS for the newbies.

I also planned to include the following things on the home page to help new users contemplating on the use of SWIFT make a decision.

  • Link to the sites which published a review of SWIFT, it’s your chance to save your fellow bloggers from over hyped premium themes which are no where close to SWIFT and gain a pr6 back link.
  • Testimonials, tell us how much you love SWIFT and get a pr6 backlink.
  • Showcase of the sites using SWIFT. If you have customized your copy of SWIFT let me know, I will include your site in the showcase.

Please send the link to your review or testimonial or your site using customized version of SWIFT through the forum below.

2 Replies to “Reviews and testimonials invited for SWIFT, yet another chance to get a pr6 backlink.”

  1. Hi Satish,

    I’m a great fan of your theme. I was using it for our Newgenre blog. I will definitely give you a review either at PRC (Google news source) or my personal blog. Could you please let me know if there is any update or announcement coming in 2011 with Swift? I could make one review including that.

    A great work done!
    Thank you.

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