Swift v3.1.1 is out with new features and colour schemes

2 New beautiful colour Schemes in SWIFT v3.1.1
2 New beautiful colour Schemes in SWIFT v3.1.1

Swift v3.1.1 is out with more features, 2 new colour schemes and some bug fixes. If you have come up with some beautiful colur scheme or a good customization which you would like to share with the other users of SWIFT, send in your blog details using the contact form. Your blog will be added to the showcase section which I will be adding very soon.

Here are the list of changes to version 3.1.1

  • Add two new colour schemes.
  • Removed the unnecessary brace that crept into style.php in 3.0.5.
  • Added option to pick the popular post title and background colour for author comment.
  • Added option to add images through custom fields, check the following url for info on using custom fields http://swiftthemes.com/2009/09/wordpress-themes/a-complete-guide-to-installing-and-customizing-swift/
  • Added default favicon.
  • Increased the font size of sidebar title.
  • Changed content slider sliding style.
  • Fixed the featured posts bug.
  • Updated the styles.
  • Comment luv wasnt detecting the rss feed, fixed this problem.

Thanks to

  • Navjotj Singh and alaJoAnn for pointing out the featured post slider bug.
  • Saurabh for pointing out feed detection bug and
  • Cornfedgamer for pointing the bug in custom colour selector. He did some cool customizations to his blog, do check his blog.
Swift wordpressed
Swift wordpressed
SWIFT orangish brown
SWIFT orangish brown

12 Replies to “Swift v3.1.1 is out with new features and colour schemes”

    1. Hello Shujaat,
      Thanks for sharing the code.
      I’m not sure about the effect it has in search engine rankings.
      Here is how you do it..
      Replace the below line in swift/includes/features.php

      <?php include('thumb.php'); the_excerpt(); ?> 


       <a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" rel="bookmark"><?php the_title(); ?>
      <?php  include('thumb.php');?></a><?php the_excerpt(); ?> 
  1. Thank You so much Satish for your excellent work, I really like your theme and best of all its FREE and works as good as a premium theme, maybe even better (I am not a web or seo guru lol).

    Anyway I just customized featured.php to fit my need. I wanted to hyperlink the pictures so that when a user clicks on the picture, it goes to that post. If anyone needs to do the same then here is the code:
    Open featured.php

    Find this code:

    Replace with:
    <a href=" “rel=”bookmark”>


    I am not sure if that is good in terms of SEO. What do you think Satish?

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