Suggest features to be included SWIFT v4.0

Suggest features to be added in SWIFT v3.4
Suggest features to be added in SWIFT v4.0

I thought v3.0 would be the last major update for SWIFT, but for the love and popularity it gained this week I decided to release one more update with lot of new features.

Here are the features that are most likely to be added in v4.0. Please report bugs and suggestions as a comment.

  • Drop down navigation for categories and pages.
  • Option to disable rounded corners in the navigation area.
  • Magazine and newspaper layout option for home page.
  • Option to diable RSS link in top navigation area.
  • Wide header option.
  • Tooltip integration.
  • Option to choose whats displayed in the tabs section.
  • Custom styling for contact form 7
  • Automatic Image resizing script, to make it easy for those who have large images in their earlier themes.
  • Floating rss and twitter icons.
  • 3 custom templates namely
    1. Wide template.
    2. Single slim sidebar.
    3. Left Sidebar-Content-RightSidebar. ( This will also be included in homepage layout options)
  • Option to choose between 2 slider.
  • Background colour for footer.
  • Floating twitter and RSS icons.
  • Option to enable WMD for comments, a simple lightweight HTML editor for blog comments.
  • Font resize option for visitors.
  • Jump to top link.
  • Widgestised ADS.
  • A small author info section at the bottom of the post with an option to disable it.
  • Option to choose font style, size and various other font properties of various elements on the page like
    1. Main content area.
    2. Blog name and Tag
    3. Navigation area.
    4. SideBar and sidebar titles.
    5. Post title.

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  1. I would appreciate if the Swift Theme included a “Print” button, like the one many sites have, allowing people to print the text of a particular post without all the surroundings.

  2. I believe that wordpress itself does not support it yet …
    But tags and categories for PAGES would be fantastic.  The categories is a very powerful tool for organising information as one post can appear in several places in the menu system.
    Allied with the drop down category menus it allows access to many different groups of information.
    If categories could be implemented for PAGES it would allow a very consistent approach.
    But thanks for a great template.  Hope you enjoy the coffee!

  3. I would like to be able to change the font size of the text accompanying the images in the slider. I feel I should be able to change it in the CSS but I do not know where the slider text style is managed (I am a beginner at this)

  4. Hey, I noticed in the Beta Version of 4.0 That your modifying the footer to be one block.  I really like the idea of how it is now.  Would there be a theme option to make it look like the current?
    IF that makes sense.

  5. Adding a separate column of posts (like Popular Posts) right beside the regular blogposts, but you could actually customize which posts you want to see there? (According to searchword or cat ID?) I know, it’s probably five minutes of dabbling in PHP, but that would be a major help atm 🙂 Swift is pure ROCK, by the way 🙂

  6. The default Search box on category-navigation bar could be changed into adsense for search. There should be a swift option so that users could paste their adsense search code through swift option page and instead of default search box, adsense search box would be shown. Also you should provide guidelines for what should be the size of adsense for search box to make it fit well on the navigation bar.

  7. Page without sidebar. Posibility make body 600 and sidebar 300 or body 700 sidebar 200. Perhaps bbpress theme integration. And this is the end of my suggestion for Swift 4.0.

  8. Small or big question. I like your theme and at the some time I wonder, It is posible to join the css scripts into one? I know that by plugin I can do this. I can offer to translate your page into spanish.

  9. The instructions for YARPP are really obscure: it’s already set to have this:
    <div class=”relatedposts”><h4>Related posts:</h4><ol> Before related posts and this:
    After related posts, but sexybookmarks still isn’t resting on top of the YARRP box: it’s right above it, floating. I only have 9 bookmarks for sexybookmarks, and the code is right for YARRP, so what am I doing wrong?

  10. Have you thought about adding like a thumbs up or a thumbs down to the comments section? or to the posts ?  Basically a rating system.
    There is plugins that have those features i guess, but it seems like plugins take up so much memory.

  11. One suggestion: With Sexybookmarks, make it so it automatically rests on top of the “related posts” section like it does on this site. For some reason it doesn’t do that on my site…

  12. Awesome, looks like you’re already working on the HTML editor for the comments section! 😉 Might want to widen it a little bit, there’s too much room on the right side.

  13. Hi Satish, What about beautifully designed subscribe via email subscription form at the end of every post?? You should include swift option to disable such a feature (if added in the next release) for those who don’t want such a box below every post

  14. I don’t know if I can explain this right.  But, in the  -Swift theme options> General options> header height> _____ < we can change the header height, but we can’t add images to the header (outside of the name of the website ) so what I am saying is:
    Should we also have a customize header option?  This way, I can add different things like ( Images, posts, other things) into the header?

      1. you maybe right. I am just thinking I would like to provide Quick links to our Ustream page, Youtube Page, Talkshoe Page . lol We have a lot of podcasts, and live shows.

  15. I*m looking for a new theme and Swift looks extremely promising – are you planning a localized version? I’ve looked at the scripts and they look extremely clear and understandable so I think I can translate them quite easely but the thing is that you have to do it again very soon with the rapid developmentcycle.

      1. Hello!
        I was looking for a great theme for my future blog and this one looks great!
        If you want I can help to translate it in French langage, don’t hesitate to contact me!

          1. You’re welcome!
            One more suggestion:
            When I post an article with featured category (on the slider) and an another category, this one appear in the slider but not in the “timeline”.
            How to make it possible?

            1. Posts displayed in slider are omited from the regular WordPress look to avoid duplicate for SEO reasons.

              If you still want to do it

              find this code in index.php

              <?php if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post();
              if($swift_slider_disable !=”true”){if (in_array($post->ID, $do_not_duplicate)) continue;update_post_caches($posts);}

              and replace it with

              <?php if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>

  16. I feel bad correcting you… ;-( I believe this is the right version for the description:

    SWIFT, as the name says, is the fastest loading, SEO optimized, Adsense ready, server friendly wordpress theme. It features include a tabbed interface, a featured post slider, and the ability to disable all javascript features with a single click. Bundled with lot of options to build your own unique, professional and browser-safe WordPress Theme, SWIFT is the perfect choice for those wanting a powerful and customizable theme.

    BTW, the so-called “Adsense” tab in the theme options works with Chikita, Widgetbucks and several other advertising options – I tested them. You might want to change it to the “Adsense & Advertising” page or something. Keep it up! And thanks for all your work vikasg!

  17. Satish, if you can add the option where if you choose to give a nested reply like we do then @satish or @vikasg gets typed in the box automatically. Even block quote option etc. is there! If the WYSIWYG editor will have these options then great!

  18. In the theme directory page your description has many errors and this must be putting off many of your potential clients! You can also tag it as magazine theme!

    SWIFT, as the name says is the fastest loading, SEO optimized, Adsense ready, server friendly wordpress theme. It features tabbed interface, featured post slider, ability to disable all javascript features with a single click. Budled with lot of options to build your own unique, professional and browser-safe WordPress Theme.

    I am giving you the correct and a better version. You can a add a few more adjectives here from your swift release page on the swift website.

    SWIFT, as the name suggests, is the fastest loading, SEO optimized, AdSense ready, server-friendly WordPress theme. It features tabbed interface and the ability to disable all JavaScript features with a single click. Swift is bundled with a lot of options to make your own unique, professional and browser-safe WordPress theme.

  19. You can also see Thesis theme options etc. for features and ideas in themes you develop in future.

    WPwebdesigner alone had 13 themes in the last Smashing Mag 100 compilation! Hope you will be there soon with your theme making skills.

  20. More suggestions [typos etc.]. I am using the latest version available from the WP page.

    1. You can make the GUI in the customization area in the theme page slightly small.

    2. Correct the errors in this line:Did I just save you the cost of a premium theme, How about buying me a coffee?

    3. In general settings [grammatical error,typos]: “Enter a comma seperated list of page ID’s to be included navigation area above logo” should be ‘Enter a comma separated list of page ID’s to be included in the navigation area above the logo.’

    In the same settings page “Enter a comma seperated list of categorie ID’s to be include in navigation area below logo, Example:1,5,7 . top eight categories will be shown by default.” Correct spellings and grammatical errors.

    “Comma separated list” is correctly written as ‘comma-separated list’

    4. In enable disable features that require JS:”Disable tabed interface Check this box if you would like to DISABLE tabed interface in sidebar.” Correct the spelling errors.

    “I’m feeling heavy, disable javaScript Check this box if you would like to DISABLE all the features that require javascript like Slider, Tabed interface.” JavaScript is the correct style of writing. Tabed will be tabbed [this is your favourite typo]

    5.In home page options: “Check this box if you would like to ENABLE popular on homepage” should be ‘popular posts’

    6.In AdSense ads: “Disable ad’s below the navigation bar” should be ads! And adsense or Adsense is wrong. Correct form is AdSense.

    “Disable ad’s below title on single post page” Again ads.

    7.In banner ad management: “Disable banner ad’s” should be ads.

    8. Reset button can be made ‘reset to default’ or ‘change to default settings’.

    9. In the right “From Swift support forum” should be from the Swift support Forum.

    10. Put a small ‘I love WP’ logo somewhere in the GUI, if feasible.

  21. Could you change the sidebar names to be sensible? Right now they’re named WideSideBar, WideSideBar2, SB1, SB2, and Footer 1, 2, 3, and 4. It’s really confusing to tell which is which.

  22. Oh, and the ability to add another tab on the right sidebar to the (Recent posts, Comments, Tags) .. If I could add another area in there per say ( Story of the day ) or ( Recent Forum comments ) things like that…

    I ofcourse will try to figure this out on my own for now….

  23. Hey, I just started using this theme! its wonderful so far in every way! I was using a theme, that I modified a lot to look like this. Yours way less modifying, soo many things I am able to do right in the admin area. Really enjoy it.

    Things I would add:

    1. Author Page
    2. Make the top bar a tad bigger
    3. Something on the right side, in-between the two bars. Its just a blank area asking for an ad, or another way to see something else on the site.
    4.. The Featured section, should show posts that aren’t supposed to be on the home page. If that makes sense.

    1. You have an option to choose the featured posts category, SWIFT wont show posts that are already shown in slider for SEO reasons.

      I couldnt get your 2nd and 3rd suggestions.

      1. 2nd: The top navigation bar feels a little squisshed is all. *the pages one* . Those are the most important parts to a site. So if that had a bit more width to it, I think users would pay more attention to it… But other people might disagree with me! So, it might not be worth incorporating

        3rd. You give us the ability to add a Feedburner feed. But I honestly tried to understand feedburner and failed. They should make a book (feedburner for dummies!) Maybe another option to go where the feed burner is?

        .. I can’t explain… I am sorry. Can’t wait for the release though.

          1. Would you be incorporating an Author page in up coming release? I love the addition of: A small author info section at the bottom of the post! . . I have had a hard time finding themes with extensive author pages.  Or author pages that allow comments for specific authors.

      1. Satish that will come true [I don’t touch tea, coffee or soft drinks so we will settle for something else]. Many themes in SM’s last release are less beautiful and feature-filled than this one! I sincerely believe Swift has a big chance.

        With people like Rene Schimdt helping you and this theme, it will only improve more with time. He gave a nice title to his post: When the genius is out for lunch! LOL!

    1. This is what I have been doing. I personally like the (black.css) style theme. However, I don’t like all of the colors to it. So what I have done is, turned that theme on. and then opened up the black.css file. I then edited the colors in there, because I only wanted to change a few.

      he is very clear with his names in the css. So its pretty easy to identify what needs changing.

  24. This is theme is like PRO. customize comment box will make this theme better.
    1)You can reduce the size of heading of post.
    2)When you hover on title of post. It should not be clickable link. You can hover cursor post in this page also. It is clickable.
    3)You also provide an option in nav bar (below logo of blog) to add sub-directories. where you are showing categories. So, that people who want to add sub-directories can add or
    4) In latest swift theme their is no option to reduce logo size. I saw in swift 2.0.4, where you can reduce logo between nav bar.
    5) also, provide separate customize tab in which you are showing comments. because it should like a part of side bar. Right now it is showing default color blue as theme. If we use customize color will be better.
    6)We don’t want to show what exact tags we are using. Our competitor will also use same tags then.
    7) you can provide in built similar post option which can show upto 10 post in same category. after you can also enable or disable it.

    1. “I can’t think of anything extra at the moment.”
      Thats the reason for this being last major update, I think with this update SWIFT will have all the features you can think of.

      There will be minor updates with bug fixes after this.
      I will release more quality themes very soon.

  25. You are fantastic! (I was hoping to upload a 960px logo image in the header, and I think it will look “right” with the rounded corner option turned off.)

    The drop down navigation and magazine/newspaper layout options are super features. Wide headers look great, another great option.

    Here’s another suggestion: allow widget selection by page. Wiget Logic, which I use at alaBuzz, is very useful. Section Widget (which I haven’t tried) was winner of the WordPress Plugin Competition 2009 grand prize (supposedly creates tabbed widgets too). If Section Widget is as good as it sounds, maybe you could integrate it into Swift?

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