Swift Update + The future of Swift

2 Weeks back we launched the free version of Swift on WordPress.Org, it was an instant hit and is already in the top 10 most popular themes list. But, the users had to face a very serious and annoying problem.

For users using premium version of Swift, WordPress saw the free Swift as an update ( it thought 7.2.45 is higher than 7.2.6) and as a result some users lost their customizations. We immediately sent a mail to all of you and were able to avoid a major disaster. We were aware that there might be a clash, so we used the folder name swiftwp for the free version of Swift, but it was renamed to Swift by WordPress.Org.

Our sincere apologies to anyone who were affected by this.

After this confusion, to come out of incidents like this without any loss of data or your valuable time is our top priority now. We are working on a way to automatically email you theme options backup whenever the theme updates or you switch the theme. There will also be an option to have the backups emailed to you with just a single click.

Apart from the above, we are also working on bring more prebuilt layouts like the Swift folio to you. If you have any feature requests or suggestions for the next version, contact us here.

Changes in Swift v7.2.65

  • Change the Swift folder name to swift-premium to avoid clashes with the free version of Swift.
  • Refined the CSS to make the page builder layouts pixel perfect and perfectly responsive.
  • Fixed an issue with disable all ads on the page feature.
  • Changed responsive break point for tablets from 768px to 780px.

We also made changes to the Swift Modern theme and the default child theme template. Both of them now use wp_enqueue_scripts to load the stylesheets instead of import.

Once again we are very sorry for the trouble the free version caused you, we will learn from our mistakes and make sure such things never repeat.

How to upgrade to v7.2.65

  • If the 7.2.65 upgrade shows up, update to it. If it doesn’t show up get v7.2.65 from the members area and upgrade.
  • If you updated to v7.2.45, and haven’t updated theme options, everything is intact. Just upgrade to manually to 7.2.65 and save theme options to re generate styles and scripts.
  • If you updated to v7.2.45 and updated the theme options with v7.2.45, we are sorry we have bad news for you. Some of your customisations might be lost, and there is no way to recover unless you have a backup.

Important notes

  • If you are using Swift modern, please upgrade to v0.1.3 available in the members area.
  • If you are using w3tc and have user agent groups enabled, goto user agent groups and update settings so that its updated with the new folder name of the theme.

Change log for the theme can be found here

3 Replies to “Swift Update + The future of Swift”

  1. Tried to update premium, wp says this: “An error occurred while updating Swift Premium: The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Invalid archive structure”

      1. It says “Destination folder already exists. Theme install failed.”

        Do I need to go into cpanel and delete that folder, I tried renaming on my desktop it but it still didn’t work?

        Also, for the swift folio, which theme do I need to use?


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