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Below is the change log since one click updates were introduced in v7.2.5.

v7.2.67 04-10-2015

  • Add few checks to license validation.

v7.2.66 25-08-2015

  • Add RTL support
  • Few minor bug fixes
#	new file:   css/rtl.css
#	modified:   functions.php
#	modified:   lib/admin/create-js.php
#	modified:   lib/functions/display.php
#	modified:   lib/load-core.php
#	modified:   style.css`

v7.2.65 17-08-2015 [Release notes]

A major update to refine page builder layouts.

  • Fix disable all ads on a page feature.
  • Change theme folder name to swift-premium to avoid clashes with the free version of Swift
  • Some CSS tweaks.
  • Change responsive break point for 768px to 780px

v7.2.6 09-06-2015

  • Replace anonymous function from lib/admin/admin-setup.php to be php backward compatible.
  • Move social icons to the right end in navigation. It now comes after the search when both are enabled.
  • Adjust search icon position in nav search.