Changes to pricing structure and business model for a sustainable business



If you have been following Swift from the start, you might be aware that Swift was initially started as personal project for my own needs. Later it was released a free theme on WordPress.Org and about two years later, it was released a premium theme. We have crossed several milestones along the way and when we started, we never even dreamt of anything close to the success we will achieved.

All this is made possible by wonderful Swiftler’s who offered their valuable feedback and suggestions. And the premium version users for supporting us financially.

That said we want to continue great products that simplify your workflow and help your business, provide even better support and work to achieve new heights. We have great eagerness, hunger and passion to deliver innovative solutions to help you grow your business.

In order for us to do that, we are going to be making few bold, but important changes.

  • Reduce the starting price of Swift from $57 to $47.
  • Increase the yearly renewal fee.
  • Increase the price of lifetime licenses.
  • We are dropping unlimited site usage in favour of 5 sites for personal license and 15 for developer license.

You can continue to use the themes on any number of sites you use, support and one click updates ( Not yet available) will be only to 5/15 sites for personal and developer licenses.

 Our pricing changes won’t affect any of our current users.

Other theme makers also made changes to their pricing structure some time back, they forced lifetime users to switch to yearly pricing. The legality and the ethical grounds of taking something a user purchased is beyond my understanding. Unlike them, our pricing changes won’t affect any of our current users. If you bought a lifetime license, you will be able to use it for lifetime and get lifetime updates and support. We are loosing money like this, we have been offering support to users for as long as 6 years but, we made a promise and we are committed to keeping it and we are just glad that people stuck to our products so long.

However we twist our words or try to sugarcoat it, we are trying to be profitable and sustainable and stay long into the future.

We hope you will support our decision and understand the reasons behind these changes. We will make these changes in 2 days to give enough time to users who are yet to make a decision on whether to improve their business and sites user experience with Swift or not.

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