About the new licenses and changes to members area


If you have an active license to Swift theme you would have an email saying invoice regenerated. First of all our apologies if you got multiple emails. We are introducing one click theme updates in Swift very soon, to get access to those updates you need the activation key and to generate the activation key for the current users we had to regenerate your invoices with a custom script. For the large number of users we have, the script would hang sometimes in the middle of the process forcing us to re run it and there by creating multiple invoices.

Only the invoices are regenerated and you haven’t been charged or your account has been modified.

About the activation keys

You can get the activation keys from the licenses tab in members area. You only need the key to use one click updates and you can continue to use the theme even after expiry of your license. You can find more information about activation keys here

Downloading the theme

Earlier the theme was available for download from the dashboard tab, it has now been moved to licenses tab. There you can get access to your downloads.

Can not find licenses tab or no available downloads?

If you can not find the licenses tab or no available downloads in the licenses tab, It means that you do not have any active licenses.

There is one known  issue though with users who upgraded to life time licenses or developer licenses after they bought yearly/personal licenses. We had to generate the activations codes manually, we might have missed few accounts. If that is the case, please contact us and we will sort it out immediately.

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