Bug in version 4.1.3

Sometimes bugs do get in !
Sometimes bugs do get in !

Hello SWIFTLERS, there is a small bug in single.php file of version 4.1.3.
An extra div crept into single.php and it was breaking the layout on single post page. I corrected it and uploaded the new version on WordPress theme directory. Use the following download link until its updated on WordPress theme directory.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused

-Satish Gandham


<a href=”http://swiftthemes.com”><strong>

12 Replies to “Bug in version 4.1.3”

  1. Hi Sathish,
    I wanted to display 9 posts in my home page but i am able to display only five. I tried reading all articles on that but to no effect. Would be great if you could help.

  2. Hi Satish,
    sorry to ‘bug’ you but I can’t figure out how to get the thumbnails/pictures on my posts. I’ve don all that was required and read many articles (yours and others) but it still doesn’t work for me.
    you can see the example on my site http://www.allesovergokken.com
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Satish,
      after hours of hours  reading and trying all kinds of solutions it finnaly works. The magic trick? permissions in the cache folder!
      Great theme thanks for that!

  3. Hi Satish! Quick question…I registered for the forum the other day so I could ask questions there instead of in the comments, but I haven’t gotten a password yet, although I’ve tried to retreive it, but still no email or anything. Can you help? The username I chose was happywifenmama

  4. Hello. I use swift. It is the best of all. But these days i have some problem on the theme. The problem is with featured posts. They don’t change automatically (slider). Please help me…

  5. look at at the box in home page!!!
    swift themes option its does not work when i tray to change any option an save the change every time it give me other bad result its note clear
    please relay i like your blog but there is a lot of error if you have stranded version i will buy it but with out  bugs, otherwise i will chose an other themes
    Kind Regards, 🙂
    Said Abdullah

  6. Dear Satish,
    The problem what i have:
    – when i tray to change the Swift Themes option i had problem in thumbnails on homepage it not work, that is happen when i change the option,Also there is some images disabled on home page just you can see it in my site http://allnewthings.com/
    – i don’t know your blog http://swiftthemes.com it work without error please if you can send me the same virtion what you use its grateful for me !!

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