Coming up in December

First, I have a good news to share. SWIFT entered the top ten popular WordPress themes yesterday. Thank you all for your support.

I finished my semester exams, there is project presentation on 25th November. After that I’m completely free for almost 2 months. Here are somethings I planned to do in this one month vacation and the following one month.

When I first created SWIFT it was just a simple theme to fit my needs with minimum features. I decided to put in a little more effort and release it under GPL licence for use by fellow WordPress users.It happened to be one of the best decision I ever made.It got good feedback and appreciation from the WordPress community right from the first release and the swift user base is growing monotonously. There are several features that were added upon request by Swiftlers since it’s release. As I havent planned these new features before coding the first version of theme, the code became complex in the process of  adding new features and made it tough to release updates and add more features. So I decided to write all the code of SWIFT again and  release it as version 5.0 or SWIFT Reloaded.

The new version will be

  • Beautiful, both inside and outside.
  • More user-friendly.
  • More efficient and fast.
  • More easily customizable.
  • Translation ready.
  • You can easily create child themes.

There still lot of new features coming up in SWIFT, this time I’m not going to list the features here. You will have to wait for the release of v5.0.

Apart from the update I have planned lot of things for the blog like

  • I’m going to write a post about the making of SWIFT. It will include the lessons I learned in the process of developing  SWIFT, resources that helped me in the process.
  • ShowCase of blogs making the best use of SWIFT to give you ideas and inspire you to customize SWIFT.
  • Some CSS and WordPress tutorials.

I’m also going to learn JavaScript and Photoshop to build some graphic heavy and eye catchy themes.

Wish me Luck 🙂

If you have any suggestions, or require some new features in SWIFT please drop them in comments.

12 Replies to “Coming up in December”

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  2. You have an awesome theme and talent behind it! I am loving this theme, so I can’t even imagine with 5.0 will hold! Thanks for providing something so great for free, but I DO plan to buy you coffee as soon as I can! It’s worth every penny.

  3. I have witnessed the growth of Swift theme and really appreciate the way Satish developed it. While Satish is one of the busiest blogger having so many TO DO TASKS beforehand, I wonder how he manages! Not only swift but Satish (S for swift and s for satish 😉 ) also would be remarked as one of the young successful and sure class of India’s top bloggers. Wish you all the best!

  4. Best wishes with your end of semester project! We will celebrate Swift 5.0 for Swift 5.0 New Year’s.
    Congratulations on well-deserved accolades on Swift Themes.
    Since many of us are already using Swift 3.0 and 4.1 … question: will we need to convert our blogs to the new version?

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