20 Replies to “[Help] Design a logo and mascot for SWIFT and Swiftlers”

  1. “I know 20$ is very less for what I’m asking but, that is what I can afford at the moment.”

    If thats all you can afford then you CANNOT afford this job. Designers should not even entertain you on this ridiculous project. Would you go into a shop and pick up a product then say I cant afford this but still want it at reduced price?

    I have an idea why dont you go find a job and save till you can afford to pay a respectable amount for peoples hard work.

  2. Nice logos out there. But i did not like the font if none of the above. You guys should use a Web 2.0 fonts, and symbols — My opinion, remember.

  3. Hi!

    Since the web is crazy about bird icons (twetter), our mascot can be the spine-tailed swift. Fastest bird in the world in level flight. 🙂
    Only problem is it’s black, not very attractive.

  4. Hi!
    Since the web is all a crazy about bird icons (twetter) our mascot can be a spine-tailed swift. Fastest bird.  🙂

  5. My sister and her friends who are actually creating a website using your theme saw this post and had mentioned having an idea. Not sure if you’re still looking or not though.
    And knowing my sister and her friends…they’re college girls getting degrees in marketing, haha. They might want to drop their current developer and make an exchange, logo for your help developing their site. They do have cool ideas though sometimes… Actually they might have even talked to you about hiring you, they were looking for a web guy a few weeks ago but I think they found someone on campus that could cover what they wanted.. Not sure.
    Anyway, email me if you’re curious at all. Started rambling there for a minute.

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