Delay in release of SWIFT v4.0

Hello Swiftlers, I’m going home today :). It’s a 2 day journey from Guwahati to Palakollu,  I will not be having internet for the next two days and mostly no computer to 🙁 , unless I’m lucky to have a plug point in my compartment. If I’m lucky, v4.0 will be out on monday, else […]

[Security Risk] Add this fix asap

There is an XSS vulnerability in SWIFT, you should fix it asap.
Even if you are not a swift user you should check your theme for the following vulnerability and fix it.

Suggest features to be included SWIFT v4.0

SWIFT v3.2 is coming up with lot of new features like

  • Drop down navigation for categories and pages.
  • Magazine and newspaper layout option for home page.
  • Wide header option.

and a lot more.. Dont miss your chance to suggest a new feature.

Ultimate method to add post thumbanils to your wordpress theme

In this tutorial, I will show you the best method to add post thumbnail feature to your wordpress theme. This is what we are going to do. We will check if there is any image set in custom fields, if yes we display that image. Else we check if there is any image stored in […]