SWIFT v5.67 | Every bloggers dream theme.

SWIFT Update

Screenshot of SWIFT version 5.67
Screenshot of SWIFT version 5.67

I wanted a lite weight theme, which is fast, which doesn’t hammer the server, SEO optimized, AdSense ready, easy to customize,  and easy to carry forward the customizations when updating the theme.

I checked a lot of free and premium themes, none matched my requirements. That’s when I decided to build one myself.

I started development of SWIFT in August 2009. I slowly kept adding the features I wanted in a theme, and after 14 months of work, I have SWIFT v5.67. A theme which is

  • Fast
  • Standard compliant
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to share your customizations
  • Easy to update.
  • Easy to build static sites.
  • Easy to build squeeze pages.
  • SEO optimized and
  • AdSense ready

SWIFT-v5.67 is a theme that I always wanted, a theme that is every bloggers dream.

Whats new in SWIFT?

There are a lot of things, here are the major ones.

  • Added a new home page layout.
  • Added custom buttons to the WordPress editor so that you can easily insert tips,warnings,notes, questions and buttons into your posts to make your posts eye candy.
  • SWIFT now uses CSS sprites. Using CSS Sprites I was able to reduce the page size by 35KB and the number of http requests by 13. SWIFT is now faster than before.
  • Added custom post RoundUps, which makes posting roundups a breeze.
  • Added more customization options for the fonts section.
  • Added stylesheet to the WordPress editor, your post will now look exactly the same way as it looks in the editor.
  • Added option to add ad’s to your RSS feed.
  • SWIFT is now BuddyPress ready, if you install BuddyPress, it automatically loads the required theme files for BuddyPress. (I’m holding this back, for the premium version of SWIFT, due next month)

Wondering how to add the ticks and arrows to lists in your post?

Switch to HTML mode and add tick/arrow class to the the ul

<ul class=”tick”> for tick and

<ul class=”arrow”> for arrow.


Download SWIFT

Here is the list of people who helped me in the development of v5.67 of SWIFT with their valuable feedback. Thank you Swiftler’s 🙂

PS: We are rolling back to vBulletin forum, as the BuddyPress version was not very user-friendly. If you havent registered on our vBulletin forum before, you have to register again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Preview of SWIFT v5.67
Preview of SWIFT v5.67 (New Home page Layout)
Very useful custom buttons added wordpress editor in SWIFT v5.67
Demo of newly added custom editor buttons in SWIFT
This how the buttons look when the post is published.

Demo of the custom buttons

18 Replies to “SWIFT v5.67 | Every bloggers dream theme.”

  1. Hi!
    Great theme – but where is the Top/Bottom Navigation Bar in 5.67? In v5.28 it was in the header menu – now its gone????
    Greetz, roomix

  2. I just uploaded 5.67 today and changed the menu. It is better than before. I will try the customized buttons later. Thanks you.

  3. Great update! I’m having some difficulties with the new ‘custom button’ feature. If I add a note, warning, tip etc. it needs to stay under one line, otherwise the area won’t grow along and I get to see the image for the next kind of note (so if I add a note longer than one line, I also get the image for the warning). Does this have anything to do with the CSS Sprites?

    1. These buttons are having problem when used with multiple paragraphs.

      Switch to HTML mode, and remove any paragraph tags () in the text you want to highlight, and then use the buttons.

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