Shoot your ideas and suggestions and get a pr6 backlink

Hello Swiftler’s,

I’m free from my personal commitments for 2 weeks, I would like to spend these two weeks completely on improving SWIFT. It would be great if you can give me a helping hand.

Here is how you can help.

  • If you have any suggestions or ideas , don’t keep them for yourself. Please post them in the comments.
  • If you find a bug, please report it, however small it may be.
  • Post links to sites with innovative designs and features.
  • If you come across a theme with nice features, and want them to be included in swift, post the theme url in comments.

Finally don’t settle for less, just because SWIFT is a free theme. Ask for more.

Best ideas and suggestions will be listed in the release post of the next version, this is your chance to get a pr6 back link :).

45 Replies to “Shoot your ideas and suggestions and get a pr6 backlink”

  1. I have quite a few websites that were built using primarily the Thesis theme, and wasn’t really satisfied with the loading speed. I did a lot of comparisons with different hosts, etc., and finally came across your Swift theme when doing a search for fast loading WP themes. I tried it yesterday on this new URL and must say that I am impressed with the speed. The site isn’t finished yet as I need to get a menu at the top and a few more cosmetic changes. I don’t put adsense on until Google indexes the site so that isn’t on yet. If this theme continues to load quickly, I will be dropping Thesis. When you publish your premium theme, I’d like to take a serious look at it. Please place me on your eMail list so that I can be advised of upcoming changes. Thanks for a good job.

  2. I have a blog with Atahualpa theme (which is a great theme!).
    I am definitely not a tech-wiz and almost for any new functionality I am looking for ready solutions.
    For example, when two weeks ago I launched the forums – I went for Simple:Forums plugin for WordPress (and it really integrated super-smoothly) into my blog.

    Anyway, I plan to launch another blog soon, and I seriously consider to use Swift theme. Not only I was impressed by few sites I saw using this layout – but I also think that for blog about food recipes (which my new blog will be) – having the grid of thumbnails for “other-recipes-you-could-like” on the main page is a great design solution!

    So, my question is – was Swift tested for compatibility with Simple:Forums? At some point I will want to add forums, but Wiki page of Simple:Forums mentions that some themes (which don’t follow the WordPress best practices) don’t play well with their plugin.

  3. When you have a blog with close to 1,000 posts, it’s always a problem to help readers find what they want. When I am surfing the web for information, or looking for detailed SEO type data, I often make use of Google’s “Wonder Wheel” interface.

    Wouldn’t it be great if Swift had the option of a “Wonder Wheel front page, so that new users could instantly drill down and navigate to cageories and posts they normally would see as related just from a simple list?

  4. An useful function for the new version would be the option to disable the inclusion of adsense banners above, between or at bottom of articles. Personally, there are other people who write on my blog and manually enter their banners. This feature would allow me to remove my banner from their articles in order to make them clearer to read.

  5. Hi, something I’d love to have is the ability to merge the four separate areas for widgets that are in the footer, possibly two by two, so I can insert a banner or even larger objects.

    I may have found a bug, if I select the centered layout, the two sidebars are reversed: the Narrow SB Right appears to the left of the site and vice versa.

    I hope this information will be useful, thanks for your work!

  6. I have been using your theme for over a year now. I haven’t used the new version yet but is it possible to update directly from the admin section of wordpress?

  7. I actually just installed Swift on my new blog – really looking forward to using it – need to read through the user guide now to get it up and running ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hello Murray
      Can you please try to use it without referring to guide and tell me the places where inline documentation is not clear enough, in correct or misleading.

  8. Hello satish,

    We have edited the looks of swift.. u can see it on our blog…

    Well few bug we found there are…

    1.) we have magazine view.. but when we shift to categories it changes to blog view… instead of magazine view… we tried everything but still its coming to blog view.

    2.) U can also add a option where we can add advertisement between post…

    currently only these two things are coming in my mind.. if anything else will come then i will let u know..

  9. I think the option to display categories of posts on the front page would be good, so that at the top of the main page you have your slider , then in the mag content you could choose separate categories of posts to display, like a lot of professional news websites do.

  10. Thanks Satish for your good work! thumbs up. is it possible to have icons in the menu? again you’re doing a great job. i’ll post a link to my work soon.

  11. Hi Satish,

    I think it would be great if SWIFT included a mobile view. I know there a plugins for this, but they 1) often don’t work in all mobile browsers and 2) are never in the theme of my site. A SWIFT-ified mobile template to load when someone with a small screen visits (CSS Media Queries?) would be awesome!

  12. Iย found a little thing in Swift 5.50 (in file footer.php):
    <span class=”alignleft”>Copyright &copy; 2010<a href…
    need a space after year 2010
    <span class=”alignleft”>Copyright &copy; 2010 <a href…

  13. Hi Satish,
    I have three suggestions that NO one else seems to be offering to date.
    1) Offer an option to NOT display a page’s title.
    2) Make the “Home” title editable on both navigation and sidebar.
    3) Offer a way to exclude pages without a user needing to edit the actual php files.
    Can hardly wait until my server has ‘fixed’ so I can try out Swift’s latest version.

    1. I think 2) and 3) of your ideas have sorta been answered in MENUS option that is now available. Its really great! It used to be so hard mixing and matching pages and categories, or anything else in between. Now you can modify it in just about any way you want very easily.

      Make sure to download Swift 5.5 or whatever to get the usage of MENUS

  14. I am not really use this theme right now, but cause of your good support please add autothumbnail and feature category support like magazines theme but in some pretty clean way without adding some keyword or anything add post.

  15. The Sidebar dose not show up in certain versions of IE (it will just go underneath the content). You can see an example of this at
    Also, in the top menu bar when I go on the dropdown menu and try to move my mouse over to the third level of the dropdown directly to the right the menu will usually go away. It seems to almost disappear when you go over the blank space in between these two places.
    Also, I am wondering what plugin you are using to be able to give editing options for the comments.
    If you would like me to explain anything better, please just let me know.

  16. Thanks a lot Satish! Would like to transform my site into a social networking site using the current swift theme. Would you be able to implement. Thanks soo much for all your work!

  17. Greater editing power footer (Could be Swift / Options / Footer). Even if it is paying a fee. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Able to add icons in menubar.
    Options to hide the titles and other information in posts and pages.
    Choice of color (CSS) at the bottom of the pages and posts.
    Separate tags and author biography. If I disable author biography I am without the tags of the post. Tags are very important.

    And congratulations for the best theme for wordpress!

    Sorry my poor english. Translated with Google.

  18. Man, i have been getting this problem that whenever i try to save something while add or changing ads colors fonts, i loose all the datas and every thing looks as i’ve just installed swift theme, this was happening since very long i never came to say this.
    Hope you’ll look after this issue

  19. Hi Satish, I was thinking if it would be possible for the SWIFT TABS to be editable in such a way that we can add, or remove tabs, and we can control the source of the contents of the tabs.
    Another suggestion would be to have more control on the font sizes, I feel the font of my blog post titles are too big compared to the post content.
    Thanks by the way for your excellent theme, it’s really fast and very low server CPU utilization.

      1. Thanks a lot Satish! I’m sure a lot of us Swift users look forward to it!
        By the way, one last thing, if you will notice in the comments section, if a comment is long enough, the reply button covers a portion of it, just like my comment above. Might need a little tweeking. ๐Ÿ™‚

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