A complete guide to integrating wordpress and vBulletin

Integrating vBulletin with wordpress
Integrating vBulletin with WordPress

As your blog grows, you might want to build a community around it. If vBulletin is your choice, this guide is for you.

Importing WordPress users to vBulletin 4.0 forum

If there are lot of users already registered on your blog, It’s a good idea to start the forum with those users already registered on the forum. Unfortunately there are no scripts to import WordPress users to vBulletin.

Luckily for us, impex has scripts to import bbPress and the user table structure for WordPress and bbPress are same. So you can import WordPress telling impex that it is bbPress. It will show you a warning that some tables are not found, you can safely ignore them and continue with the import. All the imported users will be placed under a new group named Active Imported Users. Move them to registered users, else they may have problem logging in and posting.

goto admincp-> usergroups-> usergroup manager and drop the newly created group and they will automatically moved to registered users group.

preparing bbPress for import
Preparing WordPress for import in disguise.
importing wordpress users to vbulletin
You can ignore the warnings in red and continue with the import.

Bridging wordpress and vBulletin

There is a mod to bridge wordpress and vBulletin, you can download it here. It has clear documentation on how to use the plugin, read the instructions carefully before you do anything.

If you need help integrating vBulletin with your wordpress installation or convert your bbPress forum to vBulletin you can hire me

17 Replies to “A complete guide to integrating wordpress and vBulletin”

  1. I m a newbie and i dont know much about database , u can say that i dont know anything about database, if anyone can guide me from where to open and how to do all this ………….

  2. Hello,
    thanx for guide but i have this message at the endo of import. thanx again

    ImpEx Database errormysql error: Link-ID == false, connect failed

    mysql error:

    mysql error number: 0

    Date: Tuesday 04th 2011f January 2011 08:47:31 PM
    Database: deepsnet_forum
    MySQL error:

  3. have you done many imports of users of wordpress into vb 4 ..any issues ? anything break at all or not come over ? I am mainly interested in users ? here is the site http://www.cg-hq.com and i want to add vb 4 forum.

  4. could you please give me the download link and tutorial outside vbulletin.org??
    because i dont have any account in there…
    i want to try it in local server before i buy it…
    please some one….
    help me….

  5. I just access your forum but only appear white page with this message:
    Prefetching is not allowed due to the various privacy issues that arise.

    Yes your article is very useful. I just bought VBulletin v4.0 and was wondering how to import users but could not imagine I could do it so easily. This is a great news. Thanks again!

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