Suggestions and Ideas invited for the next version of SWIFT

Hello Swiftler’s,

It’s been a long time since I made major changes to SWIFT, it’s time to add some cool and fancy features to SWIFT making the best use of new features added to WordPress3.0. Here are what I planned for the update. Please post your suggestions and ideas.

  • Fix the image resize problem.
  • Separate comments, trackbacks, and pings.
  • Change the styling of blockquote.
  • Add support to menus.
  • A widget to share links of your profiles on major social media sites.
  • Some animations to dropdown menus.
  • Change the default font of the theme, how do you like the font of this site?
  • Styling the calendar widget correctly.
  • Custom template for images uploaded.
  • Custom meta box to upload post thumbnail on write post page.
  • Option to upload background images and logo from the options page.
  • AJAX comments. I have been trying to add it since a long time, but couldn’t make it. I hope I can find some good tutorials on how to do this 🙂
  • Reply with quote option in comments.
  • Add style sheet to post editor, so that your post looks exactly the way it look in your editor.
  • I’m beginning to dislike the social media icons at the end of the post. I might change them or remove them completely.
  • I want to add some useful post types, please drop in your ideas. (One thing I can think of at the moment is a template to publish weekly or monthly roundups)

If you want a new feature or want to report a bug, this is the best time. Also if you come across a blog with beautifully styled footer, blockquote, lists, author template, 404 template, has some cool js features or anything that you like post the links in comments. Lets make SWIFT the best WordPress theme 🙂

PS1: I recently changed the name of my other blog, GenisuHackers.Com to and converted it into a revenue sharing blog. I made a BuddyPress compatible version of SWIFT for that blog, let me know how you like it and post your opinion.

PS2: Do you want the BuddyPress version of SWIFT to be made public?

Ps3: Italicized features in the above list are already implemented 😀

29 Replies to “Suggestions and Ideas invited for the next version of SWIFT”

  1. I would like the ability to be able to change the table background colour so its not grey (#DDDDDD)

    I have tried to add custom css code but it gets over-ridden.

  2. another [RFC] : to have a box to also show the page navigation bar at the top of pages AND to make it scale a little bit less (sometimes it overlaps to 2 lines).

    another [RFC] : sometimes with some changes the font set options dissapear and have to be reset

    another [RFC]: more PAGE support: add and edit button on there when the admin is logged in and display the same things as on posts.

  3. I would like to see the ability to control the size of the font used on the post body and the post headers. Currently only able to control the ratio with the main font. Currently I have had to hack the theme to make it work for me.

  4. Nice work Satish, a BuddyPress theme would be cool.

    I could not manage to register on your new buddypress site, it went into an eternal loop. Maybe you can add the facebook plugin for registering. I use that on some other sites. That plugin works great: it registers the user by just using one click. It then searches the user database and enters the data found in Facebook including the image.

    this is the plugin:

    works great

  5. Hi Satish!

    I run a wordpress blog, just switched to your theme. I have tremendous traffic every post, usually over 200 comments.

    I would like to see numbered comments. Also, I’ve noticed sometimes the time stamp on comments is not correct. For example, a person will comment in the am and they really commented in the pm.

    I don’t know if these problems can be fixed by plugins or it needs to be in your upcoming new version.

    Any feedback would be much appreciated!

  6. I agree w/ you on the Social Media images. I would argue that, a lot of times they go unused possibly because they are all the way at the bottom of the post. Maybe move them to the top of the post and then change their design to be the actual social media icons used today.
    I love all the other ideas, and i’ll let u know if I think of anything else.

  7. Howdy,
    The great work on Swift continues!
    Getting rid of the Swift Generated menus from Categories was a retrograde step.  Could that option be reintroduced.  Was great to set up the categories with parent child and then get cascading menus that reflected those changes.
    It was brilliant.
    Now the menus require messing around on a separate screeen to get the same architecture as before.
    Would it be possible to have the old method as an option?
    Thanks again … another coffee for you satish.

    1. Menus are more flexible, you can combine pages, categories and custom links with menus.
      Cascading links is easy with menus, just drag the links towards right a little.
      Using menus in SWIFT

  8. Since you have already made a Theme that doesn’t requires a great knowledge of php and css, can I go ahead and be more greedy?
    The border of sidebar widget table gets the colour of the background of TITLE..For eg:If I opt for orange background for the title of widget in sidebar, the border of the table too picks that colour….What if I want grey or black border?
    I also wanted to ask is it possible to change the fonts of Titles of sidebar widget, and also the font size, without impartinf any change to the font size of sidebar widget links ?
    Thanks in advance, and loads of luck for the next version !

  9. Hi Satish!
    I’m still having some troubles with the thumbnails generated on the magazine layout. This happens usually when I don’t add an image before the autosave is created. Right now the thumbnail is generated by the 1st picture that appears in the post, but what I was thinking is: Could it be possible to have a field or something (i’m not an expert, sorry :P) to asign what thumbnail to use in a post?
    Problem is that once I’ve posted or the autosaved has ran, there’s no way to asign a thumbnail to appear at the main page.
    You can see what I mean at my site:
    Thank you!
    piZZero – Jordi Amat

  10. Hello,
    I am migrating my site to Swift today… Fantastic theme! Congratulations Satish!!!
    Here are some suggestions:

    you could add more customizations in the front page. My site it is magazine style and didn’t look good with you mag layout. I’m going to use blog layout with the plugin “Post per cat” populating boxes with each category.
    Translation… if you make available I can do Brazilian Portuguese straight away!
    avatar icons on comments widget would be nice
    menus are defenitely a must!
    Something to replace linkwithin
    option to separate social tools from Author. I found too confuse the black box with all in.
    Option to show Author avatar on top of posts
    more pre-configured colors layouts

    Well… in my opinion your theme rocks! Not many because of visual appealing, but mainly because of organization ans speed. With swift is much easier to orgazine ads, and make the site “clean”.

    1. Thanks Roberto 🙂
      Improving the homepage design is on my to do list, I thought of implementing the functionality of “Post per cat” plugin into the theme.
      I was stuck on creating an interface for it, now that you gave me the name of the plugin, it will be easy for me 🙂

      Comments widget comes with wordpress, I dont want to mess with it at the moment.
      I already implemented menus into the theme, wait for the update to see them urself 🙂

      I will seperate them, I may even scrap the bookmarking and sharing icons completely.

      pre configured colour layouts:
      I introduced the concept of child themes, so that there are more colour schemes to choose from. Unfortunately, there was a problem in how the child themes are implemented in SWIFT, so I dint promote that feature.
      Now I found a fix for the problem. I will float a contest inviting entries for child themes after the next update is released, then you will have lot of colour schemes to choose from.

      1. Thanks for the Reply Satish!
        You are doing a fantastic work!!! I really enjoy your theme and hope to help you with the portuguese translation.
        I did many changes in the php files in version 5.42 to translate to portuguese and it is really difficult to update to new versions (like 5.50) when I need to change everything manually again… :/
        I am going to wait for the translation option before update the theme again…
        Thanks again for your hard work and attention.

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