v7.2.1, New grid layout, Super sexy posts widget and a lot more with improved speed.

Hope you are all having a great time shopping and making lots of money from your websites.

Today we are proud to announce yet another major update of Swift, agin this started a small maintenance update and turned into a major feature rich update 🙂

This version bring the following to Swift

1. New grid style layout

New grid style layout in Swiftv7


2. New Super SEXY post widget

Don’t worry about the images slowing down your site. Images are only loaded only when the page has completely loaded and widget is visible to the user.

[button link=”http://demos.swiftthemes.com” size=”large” style=”fa-eye” color=”success”]Demo[/button]


3. Option to disable ads everywhere including ads in smart text widget

You can now disable ads added in the Swift ad management and smart text widget.

Check disable ads on this page to hide all ads added in the Swift options page and those marked in smart text widget.


If you are placing ads in sidebar and want to hide them on some pages check the last checkbox.


4. Display author avatar in post meta


5.Pick from the pre loaded patterns

We have included some cool new patterns with in the theme to make the customisation easy for you. These patterns were taken from subtle patterns and DinPattern. Thank those guys for offering them freely and see if you could make a donation to them. Built-in-background-patterns Need more patterns? There are lot of variety of patterns in the above mentioned sites, get from there and copy them in .png or .jpg format to the patterns folder in Swift theme and they will be automatically loaded in the options page. Cool, right?

6. Responsive all the way

Earlier version want responsive on desktops when the screen width was less than site width. This version of Swift works seamlessly with out that restriction.

7. Short code for custom slider

You can now insert the slider you create in swift options page anywhere with the short code custom_slider. The limitation with this is you can have only one slider. We are planning to release a simple and easy to use lite weight slider plugin giving you much better control over the slider.

Apart from these changes, other improvements include
  • Dynamic loading of social media scripts. Only the scripts required for the buttons you select in Swift options page are loaded.
  • Moved typography presets to individual files. This makes it easy to create your custom presets and share it with others.
  • We are now using the default wordpress file uploader on the backend of Swift, something which we should have done long time ago.
  • You can now add separate logo for mobiles. Those big desktop logos are an overkill for mobiles
  • Swift is now SSL compatible
  • The new related posts template will now skip posts without an image
  • Short code buttons and icon links now have the rel=nofollow option.

This version is heavily based on the feedback from Swiftlers, thank you for investing your valuable time in exploring Swift, identifying the bugs, giving us new ideas and pushing our limits.

You guys need a special mention, thanks a lot 🙂

We have some cool things lined up for the next version of Swift, stay tuned 🙂

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  1. Nice Satish and thanks for mentioning me. Can you link my name onto my blog (as provided in this comment)? Again, thanks and looking forward to use this one.

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