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tell us what you want

This post should have been posted 3 weeks ago, but I was down with the flu and my Macbook had some issues. They finally had to replace logic board and SSD. It’s as good as new now and love the clean slate 🙂

This is going to be a major update, so it would be a great help to me and the community if you could share your valuable feedback.

Tell us what you want

Here is what’s planned so far

  1. I’m gonna profile the shit out of it this time ( Read as Mark Watney ), and it is going to be crazy fast.
  2. Separate CSS for above and below fold CSS.
  3. Granular control over the CSS and scripts you want to include.
  4. When this version is out, there isn’t going to be a single thing that you cannot override in a child theme.
  5. There are parts of code in Swift, which I hate and afraid to touch. This time, I’m going to gather some courage and clean it up.
  6. Couple of new navigation styles.
  7. 2 new color schemes and 2 new font stacks
  8. New layout without sidebars for business and personal blogs.
  9. Reconsider the fontawesome icon sets.
  10. Option to include an opt-in box at the end of the post.
  11. Subscription widget.

I plan to do a lot more based on your feedback. There is a survey we created, it’s a bit subjective. Please take some time to fill it.

Tell us what you want



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