Reponsive Swift is here

Finally, here she is to rock your blog :).

The mobile version of the theme categorizes all the available devices into 4 groups and styles the page based on the device.

  1. Screens less than 400px wide, covers lower end smartphones, portrait orientation on older generation iPhone’s and iPod touches.
  2. Screen between 400 to 640px, covers landscape orientation on older generation iPhone’s and iPod touches, portrait on premium smartphones, iphone4 and 4s, and tablets.
  3. Screens less than 850px wide, covers tablet and high-end phones landscape.
  4. greater than 850px wide, that will be desktops and tablets with high resolutions.

While making Swift responsive, there were two principles guiding the development

  1. Keep your site identity and feel intact.
  2. Make the information easily accessible.

Large search box and navigation menu links with enough room around them to make the taps accurate are the results of the former.

Why not plugins

Here is how mobile version of Swift is different from plugins available, and why you should use it

  • Your site unique, it is a brand, it has an identity. Plugins won’t preserve identity and feel of your site. Swift does.
  • Most plugins work only onĀ  iOS. Swift works like a charm on all devices.
  • They don’t look good on tablets. Swift has a layout designed specifically for tablets.

How to download

This update is free and available for all the users, login to the members area to download the latest version. If you haven’t bought the theme yet, you can buy it here


After updating the theme, goto design options -> layout options and enable mobile layout.

Note: On some installations, check boxes in the options page are reset during the update. Make sure you update them.

There are lot of new and exiting things coming up :), will announce the details very soon. Stay tuned !

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