Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

A perfect theme has to be

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  • Clean and readable
  • Pleasing to the eyes
  • Faster
  • Easily customizable
  • Search engine optimized
  • Should work in all browsers and
  • Should work in all devices


Swift theme became successful because we paid attention to all the above factors, it is faster, easy to use and better than the other themes. Web technologies are agile, new standards replace the old ones, all for a better WEB. While we work to keep up the pace with the quickly evolving web technologies and standards, these principles guide our actions.

Focus on the user

Since the day the very first version of Swift was released, our focus was on making things easy for the user, both for the admin and the reader. We take great care in making our designs intuitive and easy to use. We get rid of complexity, if something doesn’t need to be there, it’s not there. Our theme will never be used to showcase our talent as developer and designer, it’s only aim and purpose is to serve you and your readers.

It’s best to do one thing really really well

We have one theme, Swift, and it will be the only theme we will have. All our focus is on how to make it awesome and easy for you to use it. Through continued development, we have been able to make the theme user friendly, for both the admin and the reader, and make the already fast theme even faster. Our goal is to bring Swift to a wider range of audience, and make the web faster and  the content consuming enjoyable.

Faster is better than slow

We know how  time values for you and your readers. Everyone wants things right away, be it the readers looking for something on your blog/site or even you looking for some help with the theme.  By shaving the excess bits and bytes of data and by reducing the number of HTTP requests to the server, we strike a balance between the speed and functionality and thus helping you to serve the content faster to your readers.
We try to make using our theme as intuitive as possible, if the same question is asked for more than two times, we immediately start working on how we can avoid such questions in future. This helps us to reduce the number of support queries and thus give you timely, brief and precise answers for your questions.
Speed is our top priority and will continue to be the top priority, both with the theme and with support.
“If an hour of our time can save a few milliseconds for you, we are happy to spend it”

Design is not just making things pretty

A good design is not something that just looks pretty. A good design makes things work well, it brings you sales, it sends your message to the reader. At SwiftThemes, our aim is to give  you pretty designs that empower you.

You can make money without being evil

We want you to be completely satisfied with products and services you buy from us. We are constantly working on improving our products and services to serve you better.

  • We will never recommend you something that you won’t need.
  • We will never force our products and services on you.
  • No false reviews from our affiliates.

Seeing your business excel with the help of our products and services is more satisfying than the money you pay us.