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v7.1.4, A major update to Swift. New child theme and more.

This is the first major update since Swift v7. There are a lot of enhancements and new additions and a couple of features that were often requested. The list of new features include New navigation style called Modern Useful info page under Swift menu, giving you useful info like your site layout, slider image size,

Convert Swift v6+ colors (HEX) to v7 (RGBA)

Earlier version of Swift used HEXADECIMAL colors, but in v7 use switched to RGBA. We wrote a small plugin to convert v6 colours to v7. Using it is very straight forward. Download the plugin from the link below and install it. Goto settings -> convert swift colors. Hit the convert colours button. Now your colors

[Theme Update] v6.3.4 with few bug fixes

In 6.3.3 I indented the code for readability.  Everything was fine expect textareas in theme options page and widgets added by Swift. Tabs used for indentation were treated as part of the text area, and every-time the options were saved, it would add the tab to beginning of the option value. For some of the