PageSpeed Beta #1 is available in the members area

We just released the first beta of PageSpeed, the first theme built using the super lite wordpress theme framework helium. You can download the theme from the licences tab in members area irrespective of whether you have purchased Swift theme or not. PageSpeed features include Speed, it’s crazy fast. Dynamic color schemes, you select a […]

Putting Swift in Legacy Status & Launching a new Framework, #Helium

I got into WordPress theme development in July 2009. Swift is the first WordPress theme I developed, and till about two months back it is the only theme I developed except for a couple of child themes for Swift. Back in 2009, there was no responsive design and WordPress was mostly used for blogging than a CMS. Even two years after the first iPhone […]

The story behind the new look of powered by Swift.

Redesign of TechBU was due from a long time,  and I finally did it this week. When I’m searching for answers on Google, or stumbling, or browsing leisurely the designer and developer in me is constantly looking for the color schemes, layouts, innovative placements and fancy java script effect. They were all put to use […]

Responsive Swift is all set to launch in two days.

Right from the start the development of HTML5 Swift, I had plans to introduce responsive layout. During the development I made sure that the HTML and layout organization is flexible enough to make the development of mobile version easy. Now with just less than 100 lines of additional CSS, we have the mobile version of […]

Kill Bill, The first ever child theme of SWIFT is here.

Finally it’s time to release the first child theme of SWIFT, Kill Bill. I usually find it very difficult when it comes to picking colors, so I have taken inspiration from my favorite director Quentin Tarantino and came up with the Kill Bill theme. I hope you like it. Instructions on how to install it […]