Plans for the next version of Swift

Will be starting the development of next version of Swift tomorrow. Here is a list of things planed for the next update, if you need anything that’s not on the list, add it in the comments. Customizable sidebar width. Collapsible sidebars. Deeper integration with WordPress SEO plugin. Option for your blog visitors to disable mobile

Swift v6.2.0 is here. New Color schemes, distraction free color options and more..

Swift Color Schemes page

[button link=”” size=”large”  text=”light” color=”red” class=”alignright”]Get Swift Now![/button] Been working like crazy for the past few weeks to bring a whole lot of new features to Swift and make it even more easy to use and today I feel proud to bring in front of you the new Swift v6.2.0.It is going to make designing

10 reasons why 2Checkout (2CO) sucks and why paypal is better.

We had 2CO payment gateway on our shop earlier. Last week we had a problem withdrawing the money. We created a support ticket on 20th April at 2AM, and we didn’t get a reply until 23rd April 2PM, that’s three and half days. Even after  taking 84 hours to respond, their reply wasn’t useful and

[Update] v6.1.2 with some minor bug fixes

Just released v6.1.2 of Swift fixing some minor bugs and some new features. This update addresses the following issues. Fixed duplicate content issue. Added option to disable ads on individual posts. Brought the CMS features to the posts as well. Fixed the CSS to highlight current page link. Fixed a bug in import/export options. Fixed