Wishing you all a Very and Safe Happy Diwali + 50% OFF

Happy Diwali 2012

Make your blog faster this Diwali. Use code DIWALI for 50% OFF on your purchase of Swift. ( Offer valid til 16th Nov )

[button link=”http://swiftthemes.com/plans-and-pricing/” size=”large” color=”red” text=”light”]Buy Swift Now![/button]

I’m working on the next version of Swift, should be out in a week. If you have any suggestions, ideas, requests feel free to share them

2 Replies to “Wishing you all a Very and Safe Happy Diwali + 50% OFF”

  1. Belated Happy Diwali to you too, Satish.

    Just wondering when the new version will be out and what changes to expect. I need to make some design changes to my site but wanted to wait and see what you might be customizing / adding further.

    Also, I don’t know where to add requests, but if it is at all possible to allow user configuration options for the slider size on the home page, that would be terrific. And, use the extra space to display the excerpt of the 3-5 posts in the slider…… I’m guessing this is customization that I could do myself by going into the PHP and CSS files. But, if it’s something more users want, it might be best to provide through the theme….

    I am really loving the theme so far, though. Great work. Thank you.

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