How to change the domain name of your WordPress site

Want to change your domain name and re brand your business, but worried you might loose data or rankings, or does the process sound too technical and scary? You will be surprised to know that the process can be completed in as little as 20 minutes if you have a plan and know what you […]

How to clean and Migrate/Move WordPress From One Host/Server to another

Moving WordPress from one host to another might look like a huge task and you might be afraid of losing data or corrupting your database. Believe me, moving WordPress from one host to another is a very simple task, and takes  very little time. We have been doing more complicated tasks like changing WordPress domain […]

Convert Swift v6+ colors (HEX) to v7 (RGBA)

Earlier version of Swift used HEXADECIMAL colors, but in v7 use switched to RGBA. We wrote a small plugin to convert v6 colours to v7. Using it is very straight forward. Download the plugin from the link below and install it. Goto settings -> convert swift colors. Hit the convert colours button. Now your colors […]