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Convert Swift v6+ colors (HEX) to v7 (RGBA)

Earlier version of Swift used HEXADECIMAL colors, but in v7 use switched to RGBA. We wrote a small plugin to convert v6 colours to v7. Using it is very straight forward. Download the plugin from the link below and install it. Goto settings -> convert swift colors. Hit the convert colours button. Now your colors

For those who don’t like the alignment of magazine boxes by Masonry script in SWIFT v5.70 and above.

As some of you didn’t like the alignment of the mag boxes by masonry script in the latest version of SWIFT, here is a fix for you. Adjust the thumbnail sizes by modifying the following code in fucntions.php and regenerate thumbnails. [php] add_image_size(‘mag1’,167, 100,true ); add_image_size(‘mag2’,281,140 ,true ); [/php] Play with the height values only,