The story behind the new look of powered by Swift.

Redesign of TechBU was due from a long time,  and I finally did it this week. When I’m searching for answers on Google, or stumbling, or browsing leisurely the designer and developer in me is constantly looking for the color schemes, layouts, innovative placements and fancy java script effect. They were all put to use […]

SWIFT is compatible with WordPress3.0

The much awaited WordPress 3.0 was out yesterday. I have been using RC’s ( Release candidates ) for the development of SWIFT since version 5.25, SWIFT is compatible with WordPress 3.0. There are no known issues, if you find any please post them on the forum. There were some bugs in v5.28 of SWIFT like […]

Suggest default thumbnail image and social media icons for SWIFT v5.0

Default Thumbnail Image I selected the color pencils as default thumbnail image in a hurry, It’s time to have a better image which will be apt for all types of posts. v5.0 will be having an image selected Swiftler’s. Post url’s to the images which can be used as the default thumbnails, once we have […]