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Satish Gandham is a self taught web designer and developer. He is the founder of SwiftThemes. You can connect with him on twitter @ Gandham
Website: http://techbu.com
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HTML 5 version of Swift, v6.0 is here

screenshot It’s been almost six months since there has been any major updates to SwiftPremium or any noise on this blog.  After launching version 0.6 of SwiftPremium, I was planning the development for a new version with hooks and filters giving more flexibility to the child theme developers. 3 things happened during this time… I found […] Continue reading

SwiftPremium v0.5 is translation ready

SwiftPremium SEO WordPress theme Big News! SwiftPremium version 0.5 is now translation ready. You no longer have to edit the files to translate the theme. Pot file is located in SwiftPremium/lang folder. Whats new in SwiftPremium v 0.5 SwiftPremium was reviewed by Mani Karthik, a SEO expert from India. I updated few sections of the code based on his […] Continue reading

How to get the old navigation style in SwiftPremium

 We changed the default styling of SwiftPremium to be different from the free version. If you are a fan of the old navigation style, you can get it by adding the following  CSS code to user CSS. Continue reading