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Satish Gandham is a self taught web designer and developer. He is the founder of SwiftThemes. You can connect with him on twitter @ Gandham
Website: http://techbu.com
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[Theme Update] v6.3.4 with few bug fixes

 In 6.3.3 I indented the code for readability.  Everything was fine expect textareas in theme options page and widgets added by Swift. Tabs used for indentation were treated as part of the text area, and every-time the options were saved, it would add the tab to beginning of the option value. For some of the […] Continue reading

v6.3.2 of Swift is here with few bug fixes.

Swift-Theme-Update Just released v6.3.2 of Swift. If you have an active subscription of Swift, you can download it from the members area. If you haven’t got your copy of Swift yet get it now here. To find out how Swift can help your blog, read about Swift theme awesomeness  Changes to this version are Fixed fullwidth […] Continue reading