Wish you all a very Happy Christmas

Hello Swiftler’s I wish you, your family members and your planet mates a very very happy and peaceful Christmas. Be good and do good. News about version 5.0 Santa just called on my mobile and informed me that his sledge is stuck in the snow also his reindeer’s are moving slower than their usual speed […]

Suggest default thumbnail image and social media icons for SWIFT v5.0

Default Thumbnail Image I selected the color pencils as default thumbnail image in a hurry, It’s time to have a better image which will be apt for all types of posts. v5.0 will be having an image selected Swiftler’s. Post url’s to the images which can be used as the default thumbnails, once we have […]

Features and design ideas for SWIFT v5.0

SWIFT needs your ideas and suggestions

If you want some feature to be added in SWIFT or have a suggestion about design or usability please post it here.

If you have seen a blog with unique design,layout or features post it here, may be we can have it in SWIFT to.

I really need some ideas/inspiration on how to display author info,tags,related posts and social media icons at the end of the post.

Problem with height of div containing floats and inline lists.

Float is one of the most powerful property in CSS, they are the key for many useful layouts and CSS frameworks.  When we float a div, image or any other element, it’s taken out the regular document flow. The most common problem due to this property of float is, when we have a div containing […]