Much awaited SWIFT v4.0 is out.

Hello Swiftlers,

SWIFT v4.0 is now available for download after much delay due to my personal commitments and academic work.

v4.0 includes

  1. 2 magazine layouts.
  2. 2 different header styles (SWIFT original and the new full width header)
  3. 468*60 ad in the header.
  4. Drop down navigation.
  5. Customizable background colour for the footer.

Some of the features listed on the announcement page are yet to be implemented, they will be added in following subversions.

Installation instructions

  • Follow the regular procedure of installing a theme.
  • After installing it, change the permissions of  swift/cache folder to 777 and custom-style.css to 666.
  • Choose a layout form the options page and save changes. (Make sure you check the rewrite custom-style.css box whenever you make changed to colours or layout)

Note: Do not use the layouts with left sidebars as the sidebar content first in source code, this is not good for SEO reasons. I will change it in the future updates.

download Swift-v4.0.2

Swift v4.0 preview

Swift v4.0 preview

download Swift-v4.0.2

38 thoughts on “Much awaited SWIFT v4.0 is out.

  1. Are you currently giving any discount this month?

  2. just like to say after reading these reviews its seems a no brainer gotta get my hands on this credit card at the ready ..
    many thanks keep up the good work

  3. Oh man, when is someone going to tweak this theme for blogger blogs..? I’d love to utilize it on a few of ours.. oh well …. :(

  4. firstly i wanna say, awesome, this theme has a good time in loading, it load really fast, i would like to use it, anyway :p, hehehehe

  5. […] for download and also entered the top ten popular WordPress themes yesterday . Download | support v4.0 includes 2 magazine […]

  6. I really liked this theme. I found it on google and I have to say I am most impressed about speed, layout and it’s free xD I will use it for my new blog.
    Thanks alot.

  7. Great theme! I installed in on Doubled doubled Adsense revenue since installing it,  avg. visitor time went up on average 50%, and Feedburner subscriptions increased noticeably. I had to do a bit of tweaking so I am going to wait a little while until I am sure 4.0 is stable. However, I am looking forward to trying out the magazine layout to see how it affects traffic. I recommended it highly on Blogger. Thanks for the super theme. I’ve tried out all of the top themes on my site, and I would say that this is by far and away the best of the magazine like themes.

  8. Hi widgets aren’t showing up for me now that ive upgraded!

  9. Hi satish I am using the theme but the feedburner counter is not working…..

  10. hello Satish…
    Im using the older version of Swift and I love it and thank you. And im now gonna try the new version and i know im gonna love it more. But im a newbie in wordpress and in all these web things. So i tried uploadin swift4.0 to my server but i didnt see the themes in my wordpress.
    Can you please upload in the wordpress so that we can just search and upload it…. or can you please modify it so tat we can just update to the new version…
    thank you

  11. Wow.. It is finally out! eager for its release. You made us wait longer this time ;)
    I’ll soon update my websites with this new release and post my feedback later.
    Once again “Thank You” for saving us from using nulled pirated premium themes!…

  12. great! best themes ever seen!

  13. Thanks for the update! I’ve been waiting for this! :)
    I have a couple of issues, though:
    1. I can’t the the original header to work. I liked that a lot better, but choosing 960px header in the settings does not change anything.
    2. I haven’t tested that on my blog, but here I cannot tab from the URI field to this Your Comment text area. That is irritating for those wishing to leave a comment.

  14. Satish, I do express my admiration because you know more than I do. Whoever your theme is not anymore light viz and contains 26 validation errors. I wish you luck in learning…

    • Magzine layout is not lite as it uses images, however you can revert back to the old layout from options page.
      Magzine layout just changes the home page, and very few percent of the vistors will be visting your home page, most of the traffic goes to single post page and the single post page is still lite.
      SWIFT is optimized for speed and performance where ever possible, which is not done in other themes.

      If you are using images in your post the page is going to be heavy, content of the post is not in my hands. Webmaster/blogger should take care of it.

      I will fix the validation errors asap, lot of time constraints :(. I wish there are 30 hours in a day.

  15. testing right now

  16. Darn – I just went live on your previous version last night! But I am really pleased to see you have added a header ad banner – I was just about to ask you how to do that!
    Please could you advise the quickest, easiest way to upgrade to v4 without losing all the customisations that I (and other swiftlers) may have made in previous version. I need to sort it out with the minimum possible down time as I have a busy site (18,000 visits a month, 300,000 hits).

    • Chnages made in the options page will not be lost.

      Install the new version
      visit the swift options page
      check rewrite custom-styles.css in layouts or colours tab and click save changes.
      All your settings should be intact.
      If anything goes wrong you can quickly revert back to older version.

    • Any changes made to the template files will be lost.
      I think you should hold back the use of v4.0 for one more week ad there are going to be quick updates this week.

      • I do hope next version will be better. I think I’ll waiting for next stable version. Cause I’ll translate it to Indonesian language.
        Thank you very much. I love Swift Theme.

  17. Thank you so much :X Test it now ^^

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