Kjell Roger Eriksen @giftideastoall.com February 18, 2015

Getting to love this theme now as I get more "seasoned" myself in the creating posts and maintaining a domain! Not to mention the support ! Above anything I've encountered online ! 10/10 to Satish Gandham !

Prakash Yuvaraj March 3, 2014

I was looking for Adsense Ready as well as SEO optimized theme for my site www.techychennai.com luckily I have landed up with swift theme. After using the Swift Basic for a week I decided to buy Premium version and bought Personal license swift theme. It offers us everything we need to Customize our site, AdSense ready, Search Engine optimised, colour options to keep our desired colors as background, Custom short codes. Swift greatly reduces the number of plugins we will need as most of the features are integrated into the theme. Thank you for the great theme Satish. Looking forward for the future updates

Chel Hamilton February 24, 2014

I love that Swift doesn't sacrifice good looks for speed, or speed for good looks! It is a beautiful, easy to customize theme that's darn fast even right out of the box! Now with the adjustments you did for me (quickly, and at SUCH a reasonable price) my site is BLAZING FAST - even on a shared hosting plan! Great work! I really can not thank you enough!

Stephen Gaudet February 24, 2014

After 5 years of blogging and 10 different site makeovers,  I finally found  a theme that I actually like..... THIS ONE !!
Not only did I find the perfect theme for my site, but I was lucky enough to have Satish Gandham to install and modify it for me. Who better to install customize a theme then the creator of the theme himself?
He charged me a very nominal fee and set the whole thing up in just a couple of hours. I highly recommend his work.
Thanks so much Satish for all the work you did on this project.

Sabina Lohr Solo Female Traveller February 24, 2014

I immediately loved the look of Swift Theme when I found it almost a year ago and have been nothing but happy with its appearance and functionality ever since. I find the design eye catching and its features very easy to learn and work with.

Dr. Jonathan Moy February 24, 2014

Thanks to swift theme, my website is now in the top 10 for google searches for my business in my country. The SEO of the theme has made a huge difference in the amount of traffic I get to my website and reduced the bounce rate. Swift is straight forward to use and customizing it is a breeze. The designer Satish was helpful and offered practical solutions when I got stuck designing my site. I highly recommend this theme to anyone wanting a fast, easy to use WordPress theme.

Jarl Kubat February 24, 2014

When I think wordpress – I immediately think “SWIFT”. I liked the new “Swift Premium” so well I had to buy the developers license and use it on all three of my sites! Thank-you for all of your work in making a truly great theme.

Deepak Keswani February 24, 2014

I've about 25 wordpress websites catering to different needs related to Music, Drama, News, Personalities, Tech Blog & City Blogs. I used to waste lot of time to customize these to give each one a different unique look. After trying out many themes I finally found Swift and realised most of my customisations could be finished in few minutes or hours and not the days. When you try out FREE wordpress themes, there is also fear of code vulnerabilities and ways to intrude in your website. I've been using Swift now for more than 3 years and have full trust in the product.

Also note that from year 2014, Google is going to give you higher ranking if your website can serve right size content for mobile devices. Now Guess what, it all comes pre-built in Swift theme. Just by clicking responsive design checkbox, you can enable support for all the mobile devices & tablets.

Swift makes beautiful looking websites for all the devices and saves lot of time. Thank you so much for making Swift Theme.