How to get the old navigation style in SwiftPremium

We changed the default styling of SwiftPremium to be different from the free version. If you are a fan of the old navigation style, you can get it by adding the following  CSS code to user CSS. [css] #nav1-container,#nav2-container{background:#dbdbdb;border:0} .navigation{margin-left:5px} .navigation li a{background:none!important} .navigation li a:hover{background:#EEE} /* For rounded corners*/ #footer-ad-container{padding:8px 0} #nav1-container {    -moz-border-radius-bottomleft: […]

Problem with height of div containing floats and inline lists.

Float is one of the most powerful property in CSS, they are the key for many useful layouts and CSS frameworks.  When we float a div, image or any other element, it’s taken out the regular document flow. The most common problem due to this property of float is, when we have a div containing […]