Features and design ideas for SWIFT v5.0

 SWIFT needs your ideas and suggestions If you want some feature to be added in SWIFT or have a suggestion about design or usability please post it here. If you have seen a blog with unique design,layout or features post it here, may be we can have it in SWIFT to. I really need some ideas/inspiration on how to display author info,tags,related posts and social media icons at the end of the post. Continue reading

Bug in version 4.1.3

 Hello SWIFTLERS, there is a small bug in single.php file of version 4.1.3. An extra div crept into single.php and it was breaking the layout on single post page. I corrected it and uploaded the new version on WordPress theme directory. Use the following download link until its updated on WordPress theme directory. Sorry for […] Continue reading

Coming up in December

 When I first created SWIFT it was just a simple theme to fit my needs with minimum features. I decided to put in a little more effort and release it under GPL licence for use by fellow WordPress users.It happened to be one of the best decision I ever made.It got good feedback and appreciation from the WordPress community right from the first release and the swift user base is growing monotonously. Continue reading