Take part in Swift v7.3 planning

tell us what you want This post should have been posted 3 weeks ago, but I was down with the flu and my Macbook had some issues. They finally had to replace logic board and SSD. It’s as good as new now and love the clean slate This is going to be a major update, so it would be a great […] Continue reading

Swift Folio Prebuilt PageBuilder Layout for $9

swift-folio-layout-for-swift We showcased the Swift Folio layout 5 months ago. Ever since we have been trying to find a way to make it easy for anyone to use it. The idea was to make the layout readily available with just one click using a plugin. We went through the page builder code, contacted its developers in order to […] Continue reading

Swift Update + The future of Swift

Top-6-most-popular-theme-Swift 2 Weeks back we launched the free version of Swift on WordPress.Org, it was an instant hit and is already in the top 10 most popular themes list. But, the users had to face a very serious and annoying problem. For users using premium version of Swift, WordPress saw the free Swift as an update […] Continue reading