SWIFT Premium is coming soon

SWIFT premium is coming soon, subscribe to our news letter for free copies and discounts. I’m giving away 10 free copies to those who guess the price right (within a margin of 10%). Apart from this, 20 subscribers will get 20% discount.

Ajaxified options pages for a easy and faster user interface

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How this works

  • Winners of the 10 free copies will b picked by draw.
  • For the discount, coupon code will be included in the first news letter and will be active for 20 purchases.

Apart from being faster than the current free version, there are a lot of improvements in SWIFT premium both visually and technically.

The major ones are..

  1. Integrated breadcrumbs for better SEO and navigation.
  2. Thumbnails will be picked automatically. You dont have to set them manually.
  3. The new NEWS paper layout. (demo, TechBU)
  4. Archive listing at the bottom of the page. (check screenshot below)
  5. Option to add your copyright information in the footer.
  6. Option to remove credit links in the footer.
  7. New related posts with thumbnails. (check screenshot below)
  8. New highly optimized social media icons.
  9. Integration of short code plugin  Ninja Short codes.
  10. Added badge to comments by author.
  11. Some small JS effects on the magazine boxes.

SEO enhancements

SWIFT is already highly Optimized for Search Engines, Premium version pushes the SEO even further

  1. Google announced that it will consider page load time will be one of the several factors its going to use in its Search Engine ranking algorithm, so I optimized the page size by
  2. Optimizing the sprites
  3. CSS
  4. HTML

Earlier we used a <h4> tags for the sidebar and footer heading, that’s a valuable resource for search engine optimization. Using h4 for sidebars isn’t a big mistake, lot of themes do it. But we

Technical improvements you may not notice.

  • Child theme compatible.
  • I’m going through all the code again to keep it up to WordPress standards.
  • Setting up default values, which make more sense.
  • Inline documentation to keep up with WordPress standards.
  • Optimized code.

Apart from the above mentioned improvements, I’m gonna get the theme thoroughly checked by SEO experts, and improve the typography and default colour scheme with advice from experts in the field.

I have short listed few SEO experts, and high profile designers, I will tell you the name once I finalize.

Some screen shots from the premium version

Related posts with thumbnails, and author badge

New realted posts with thumbnails and author badge for comments in SWIFT premium

SWIFT premium archives

Archives in SWIFT premium, with customizable colours. ( Will be located just above the footer )

Sprites in free version vs Sprites in SWIFT premium.

Sprites in free version vs Sprites in SWIFT premium.

Breadcrumbs integration in SwiftPremium

Breadcrumbs integration in SwiftPremium

33 thoughts on “SWIFT Premium is coming soon

  1. where the list premium theme?
    please help me im on going developing new blog

  2. How can I activate the Newspaper layout? I have set the options in “NEWS paper layout setup” but I do not see any options to activate the layout, “The Layout options” does not include the newspaper, just magazine, magazine full and blog layouts.

    I bought this theme because I’ve liked the techbu.com layout and I want to make one identical.

  3. Can’t find the fine print so-

    Can this be used on more than 1 site (for the price)?


    • Yes, you can use it on unlimited number of sites.

      • Do we get developer license for $40?
        In other words, can I build a WP site for a client with this theme?
        Or can I sell my niche blog in Flippa with this theme?
        (Off-course, the client can not use it in multiple sites as
        he does not have the unlimited license)

        Please clarify.


        • Hello Gautam,
          All our themes come with 100% GPL licence. So you can use them on as many sites as you want without any restriction.
          As SwiftPremium is a image free theme, except for the icons, there are no psd’s that we can hold to sell in developers license.

          However, your clients or buyer wont get the support from us. If you’d like to save yourself on support issues down the line by passing them on to us, and allowing them continuous free access to upgrades, then you might want them to set up their own account here anyway, but that’s your call now!

          PS: SwiftPremium is offered at a price much lower than many other themes in the market. We appreciate a small donation when you are using it on client sites.

  4. Hi Satish,

    I’ve looked and looked and looked around…just to find your theme.

    I’m doing some tests with the free version…but your description of premium is interesting.

    Do you have a date for the release? Are we talking next week, next month… ?

    I need to make a decision, so time is kind of important.
    Please let us know you bet guess.


  5. I’m a content creator, and a hobbyist blogger, not a coder and not a money making blogger. I’ve been investing in premium themes for a few years to have a professional look without having to pay for a designer for the site, but I have yet to find a premium theme that gives me the combination of speed and ease that I would really like in a premium theme.

    I have a dedicated VPS and run Nginx instead of Apache, but my 6K posts and 60K comment database are officially starting to clog the speed of my site. (I also get between 50K-70K uniques and almost 100K hits per month). I’m currently using a Premium theme on a very pop”woo”lar framework. But it’s so amazingly bloated that it’s doubled – yes, doubled – the load time of my site. I need to move my site to a much faster loading theme. And I’m willing to pay for a premium theme to speed up the load time while still having some ease in updating the look of my site. Here are the bells and whistles that made me decide on my current theme:

    * “Tumblog” post format functionality via a plugin included with the template
    * Multiple pre-formatted page templates (archives, Sitemap, etc)
    * Video Tutorials
    * Support forum (although my experience with the support forums has been hit and miss)

    Will you be offering any of these with your new premium version of your theme? While I love the ease of updating the look in the framework structure of my current theme, that same framework structure uses things like TimThumb that make my CPU usage soar through the roof.

    Here’s hoping I win a free copy of your premium theme as I am itching to fix my site as soon as possible, but if not, I’d be willing to guess/hope that the premium version would be somewhere around $40 or so – cheaper than many standard premium themes that run around $70/apiece, and affordable enough for the casual blogger, but still at a price point that suggests quality.

    • TimThumb is a server intensive script, and it has some security issues. For example, some one can flood your uploads directory with multiple copies of the image and crash your server.
      I got rid of it in SWIFT few months back, and SWIFT now uses WordPress default post thumbnails functionality.

      * “Tumblog” post format functionality via a plugin included with the template
      Will be added in future releases of the theme. (You will get them for free)
      * Multiple pre-formatted page templates (archives, Sitemap, etc)
      SwiftPremium includes 7 useful page templates.
      * Video Tutorials
      WordPress should be able to manage them by default.
      * Support forum (although my experience with the support forums has been hit and miss)
      SWIFT already has a support forum, after the launch of premium version, It will be closely moderated and express support will be provided to premium users.

      Premium will definitely be less than 70$.

  6. I’m ready to buy now, looks exactly like the theme I’ve been dreaming of. I’m guessing $47…

  7. Hi Satish,

    I am eagerly waiting for this theme to release. I use it on my blog eddiegear.com and its super awesome. I hope to win this theme. For two reasons. I would use it on my blog eddiegear.com and would do an awesome review on theapptimes.com blog, where it would reach over 12000. Thanks.

  8. I hope, I get lucky for getting one free, but if not, I hope I can buy it, if the price not high.

    I hope you can release it soon.

  9. Will you still be using JQuery Masonry? I’d *hate* to see it go!!!



  10. The new looks are very nice !
    hopefully it wil be released verry soon.
    until that, thanks a lot for the free version.

    greetings from holland!

  11. Improvements # 1, 2, 7, and 8 interest me. How will the Related Posts be chosen? Still using YARPP?

  12. Hey, when are you planning to release the theme?

  13. You are an awesome designer Satish! I really love Swift Premium. :D Wonderful.

  14. Awesome theme.. I have just subscribed and have also guessed the price..

  15. Satish,
    The new related post box looks scrambled in Safari 5: http://tinypic.com/r/24o5z05/7

    Thought you’d like to know :)

  16. amazing theme but,how much i need to pay it…??

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