Suggest default thumbnail image and social media icons for SWIFT v5.0

Default Thumbnail Image

I selected the color pencils as default thumbnail image in a hurry, It’s time to have a better image which will be apt for all types of posts. v5.0 will be having an image selected Swiftler’s.

Post url’s to the images which can be used as the default thumbnails, once we have enough entries I will pick five from them and then have a poll to select one from them.

  • You can suggest photographs taken by you.
  • Your graphic work (You can create one exclusively for SWIFT if you have time) or
  • Any image that you think will be suitable as default thumbnail for SWIFT.

Before you post, please make sure that they are not copyrighted and free.

Social Media Icons

Using a plugin for social bookmarking sites can make your site heavy. So I’m including that option in SWIFT, so that you don’t have to use a extra plugin.

Suggest a Icon set to be used for the built in social bookmarking option. I prefer hand drawn icons.
Please post the url to icon set of your choice in the comments.

As you can see in the image below, there is room for only 8 icons. Select the 8 bookmarking sites to be used in SWIFT by default. (Maximum of 8 choices are allowed)
[poll id=”3″]

Author info box

This is how the author info will be shown in v5.0, if you have any suggestions please post them in comments.

You will have option to disable each section if you don’t want to show related posts or author info or social bookmarking icons.

Author info and related posts in SWIFT v5.0

Author info and related posts in SWIFT v5.0

[poll id=”4″]

Comments template suggestions

If you have come across a blog with a better comments template than SWIFT, please share the url in comments.

12 thoughts on “Suggest default thumbnail image and social media icons for SWIFT v5.0

  1. I’m looking for a great wp theme with cool icons and came across Swift v5.0 on this site. Pretty useful info you got here! I’m itching to replace the one used in my site.

  2. thank you all for your tips given themes, very useful

  3. i like your template and social media icons..
    thank you very much… :D

  4. The feed icon in the author info box doesn’t redirect to the feeddburner feed if one is set up for it. Is it possible that you could integrate this into the theme?

  5. Yes, it is more convenient to have social bookmarking site incorporated into the theme.
    I need help to insert the RSS logo at the top right hand corner. Can anyone help me with this?
    Thanks a lot.

  6. when will v5  finish ?

  7. Satish,

    I have one suggestion for the Author info box…. It should mention the no. of posts written by the author and it will also be great if the name of the author is hyperlinked to his/her own blog… Please refer to http://www.shoutmeloud for the implementation. is also using the same format.

  8. Satish, please address to my query mentioned in the Suggestions for Swift 5.0 post. It is urgent please… Most of my readers use IE… the site is not displayed correctly in IE please help me out…

    Thanks in advance…

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