Setup the navigation menus in PageSpeed

PageSpeed has three navigation menu locations. You can find them in the customizer or under Appearance -> Menus

  1. Secondary navigation, above the header
  2. Primary navigation, below the header or in the header based on the header style you choose.
  3. Footer links. Typically used for links like Privacy policy, Contact, Terms of Service etc..

If you are using the pro version, you have the option to have different primary and secondary menus for desktops, mobiles and tablets.

First, enable them by going to Appearance -> PageSpeed -> Theme Options

So, what is the purpose of these different navigation menus?

If you have a lot of top-level links in your menu, then all of them won’t fit on a smaller screen (In case of tablets), and multiple levels of links might not look good on a mobile.

On tablets, you can have shorter menu by tucking in some links under a drop-down. May be under a (…) &helip;

On mobiles, you can have a long flat menu.