Search Engine Optimisation in SwiftThemes

All our themes are built with search engine optimization in mind. When you are using PageSpeed or any of our WordPress themes, be assured that we got your back.

Here is what we do to make our themes fast and search engine optimized.

Valid Coding

All our themes are coded to the highest coding standards by following best practices. All code is XHTML5 valid.

Schema Markup

We support schema markup wherever applicable, and all our themes are compatible with all the schema plugins.

Layout Structure

Your main content always comes first in the HTML of the page, irrespective of the layout you choose, even when using left sidebar or centred layout where your sidebars appear before the main content visually.

Proper use of headings, h1,h2

We know how valuable the h1 and h2 tags are for SEO. So we don’t waste them on widget titles or for defining sections on the page. Widgets use a span or p tag styled like headings.

Also, on your single page and post, post title gets the heading instead of the site name.


All our themes are very fast loading and super lite. Since Google is taking the speed of a web page into consideration when ranking a page, our fast WordPress themes will help you achieve higher rankings.