How do we make our themes fast

Apart from writing rock solid and performant code, here are few things we do make our themes faster for you

Very Lean CSS

  • We only include CSS that your site will require based on the settings you choose.
  • We inline critical CSS in the head of the page to reduce the wait time for your users giving them a perception of a faster webpage.
  • All our CSS is written from scratch, we don’t use any CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation which come with very heavy CSS overhead.

To put things in perspective, Bootstrap CSS is 140KB and Foundation is 1117KB, while page speed CSS is only 35KB.

Minimum JavaScript dependency

The only javascript library we use is jQuery, we only use it because other parts of your website will require it anyway. The actual javascript form the theme is under 5KB, and withing that 5KB we bring you the sticky elements and the app style navigation on mobile.

The right sized featured image.

Unlike other themes which use images whose dimensions are closer to the requested image size, We generate the perfectly sized featured image dynamically on the fly whenever required.

ZERO Images used

We use absolutely zero images in the theme.

Custom font icon sets that are 10 times lighter

We use custom font icon sets using only the icons we use in the theme. Most themes bundle the ever increasing bloatware font awesome with a lot of useless icons. FontAwesome ttf font file is 260KB, while the one we use in PageSpeed is only 10KB, our CSS is only 3KB while FA css is 35KB.

No Bloatware

We don’t force features you don’t need into the theme. All non-standard features like ad management, sliders, social media add-ons are offloaded to plugins.

This also gives you the choice of changing the themes at ease without worrying about losing your custom features. We want you to use our themes by choice, not by force.