Importing Demo Sites in PageSpeed theme

Importing demo sites is a simple process, only thing is you need to remember to install all the plugins the layout/site uses.

Our prebuiltĀ sites use the siteorigins page builderĀ plugin and their widgets bundle. Here are step by step instructions to import the prebuilt sites.

It is strongly advised to use the sample child theme available in the member’s area.

  1. Install the PageSpeed theme.
  2. From appearance -> install plugins install the Demo Import plugin.
  3. After you install it, you will have a new menu item called Import Demo Data under appearance.
  4. Click on import on the layout of your choice and make a note of plugins required, and install those plugins.
  5. Finally, import the layout.
  6. After the import is done, goto appearance -> PageSpeed -> tools and clear transients.

Your site should now look like our demo site, please ensure that you update the images and the content