Get 100 Page Speed score for Mobile and Desktops

Getting 100 page speed score is a child’s play with the super fast loading WordPress theme, Page Speed, provided your images are optimized properly.

We are able to achieve this incredible feet with the PageSpeed WordPress theme by separating the above speed CSS and inlining it. The inlined CSS is less than 10KB [3kb when gzipped], we plan to bring this down under 5-6KB in future performance updates.

Check PageSpeed  Demo   ↓ Download PageSpeed

Note: This feature is not available in the version available on WordPress.Org

Page Speed doesn’t handle CSS and JS minification or caching because they are best handled by plugins, we recommend

We only recommend WP Super Cache to reduce the load on the server, so just activate the plugin and enable the plugin. If you know what you are doing, you can explore the other options provided.

Configuring Autoptimize for 100 page speed score

Key to 100 page speed score is to have the above fold content rendered as early as possible. For this page speed already separates the above fold CSS and inlines it. We use autoptimize to load rest of the CSS from theme and plugins asynchronously.
First, enable advanced options in autoptimize

Advanced Autoptimize Settings for 100/100 Page Speed Score.
  • HTML Options

    • Enable Optimize HTML Code
    • Keeping HTML comments is up to you. If you don’t know what to do, keep it unchecked.
  • JavaScript Options

    • Enable Optimize JavaScript code.
    • Uncheck Fore JavaScript in <head>
    • Leave aggregate inline JS unchecked.
    • Keep Exclude scripts from Autoptimize blank.
  • CSS Options

    • Enable Optimize CSS code
    • Generate data URIs for images is optional.
    • Keep Also aggregate inline CSS unchecked. !!Important
    • Keep Inline and Defer CSS option checked. !!important
    • Above two options are the key.
    • keep Paste the above fold CSS option blank unless you know what you are doing.
    • Keep Inline all CSS options unchecked. !!important
  • Load Google web font asynchronously

    • If you are using Google fonts, we should load them asynchronously as they are a blocking resource. For this click on the extra tab in autoptimize settings tab, and select Combine and load fonts asynchronously with webfont.js. Refer to the second screenshot below.
Ideal Autoptimize Settings
Ideal Autoptimize Settings for 100 Page Speed Score
Load Google Fonts asynchronously

Note: You can achieve 100 page speed score with the PageSpeed theme and we achieved that @ https://Demos.SwiftThemes.Com, a slightly unoptimized image can bring it down a few points, so don’t obsess with the perfect score. Google Page Speed Insights score is not an actual representation of speed, consider it a report card for the websites technical and UX (partially) standards.