Customize PageSpeed theme layout

PageSpeed WordPress theme has a lot of customization options, giving you almost infinite layouts. Here we will briefly describe each option and which type of sites they suit better.

Site layout & Container style

These are straightforward options. There are five layouts and three container options available

Site Layout

  1. Single sidebar on the left
  2. Sidebars on either side of the main content.
  3. Single sidebar on the right [Popular choice]
  4. Double sidebars on the right
  5. Double sidebars on the right

Whatever layout you choose, your main content always comes first in the HTML code to boost your on-page SEO.

Container Styles

  1. Regular
  2. Boxed [Ideal choice when you are using a background image for the body]
  3. Wide [If you want to have the site filling the entire window]

Single Post Layout

There are two single post options.

  1. The main layout you choose.
  2. Single column layout. [This layout has not sidebars, displays the featured image in large across the screen.]
Regular Layout
Single column layout.

Sidebar Widgets Style

There are three widget styles possible

  1. The super simple and clean vanilla
  2. The card style
  3. One more card style, little simpler than above
Without the card style widgets enabled
Card style widgets. [Not available when separate containers option is selected]
Separate containers

Layout and sidebar widths

Though there are 5 theme layouts, they can be grouped into two.

  1. Ones with a single sidebar
  2. Ones with two sidebars

When you user a layout with single sidebar, sidebar width is automatically calcualted from layout width. It is container width - main width
If you want make the sidebar wider, reduce the main width.

When using layout with two sidebars, you will have the option to set the width of one sidebar, other sidebars width is automatically calculated like above. You can see this option in the screenshot below.

Fluid width layout / Window width layout

PageSpeed doesn’t explicitly have this option, but you can get a fluid width layout by setting the container width to 100% or a very high pixel value like 10000px