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Swift is designed to be easy and intuitive to use, our aim was to make it so easy to use that you will never need a accompanying support documentation. But over time, Swift grew in complexity and it offers lot of handy features which lot of other themes do not offer. So for Swiftler's to use Swift to its full potential, we are preparing this document.

This covers features that you don't see in other themes or things that you may use incorrectly.

What are header and footer scripts for

With Swift you won't need a separate plugin for adding analytics code, load the Facebook SDK or any other javascript or meta tags in page `<head>` tag.

You can add any number of scripts and meta tags to the Header scripts section.

Few things you can use the header scripts for

  1. Google analytics tracking code
  2. Add meta tag to verify your site ownership
  3. Load facebook SDK
  4. Facebook conversion pixel

These are just a few examples of things you can do among many others.

Footer scripts section is also used for similar purpose as header scripts, but for scripts and tags that need to go in the footer, before closing body tag `</body>`

What is default thumbnail image

You can set the default thumbnail for use in posts without a featured image. Ideally this has to be some generic image or something that represents your brand.

Swift theme blog layout without default thumbnail set
Swift theme blog layout with default thumbnail set

If you are using magazine layout without out masonry enabled, make sure that you either set the default thumbnail image or have featured image set for all posts. Else you will have uneven spacing like shown in below.


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